Local SEO Industry Survey 2013

Take part in our 2013 survey and benchmark yourself against your peers & competitors in the local SEO industry.

Welcome to the 2013 Local SEO Industry Survey

The survey has now closed and the results can be viewed here.

We’ve also released the 2014 results, which can be viewed here.

The objective of this survey is to improve the understanding of the health & nature of local SEO industry. We explore a number of different aspects from company turnover through to what services are offered and what fees are charged.

The survey will run from 20th January to 20th February. The results will be published in March.

The survey consists of 20 questions and takes 10 minutes to complete.

2012 Survey Results

Over 1,150 SEOs took part in the survey in 2012. The findings were both surprising and enlightening and we hope that 2013 will show some good progress from 2012.

View findings of Local SEO Industry Survey 2012

Why take part in the 2013 Survey?

Do you know how your services and fees compare to other SEOs? Ever wondered which channels other SEOs use to acquire new clients? Do other SEOs find citation building as much of a chore as you do?!

This survey aims to cast a light on issues such as these and share the findings so that we can all benefit. By taking part in the survey you help to make sure this data is as robust as it can be so that you can effectively compare yourself against the industry averages.

Confidential & Anonymous

All answers provided in the survey are kept 100% anonymous. We will aggregate the findings and never publish the individual responses of participants. All questions are optional so you can complete the survey in full or in part.

We do ask for your email address (it’s optional) but this is only so that we can contact you once the survey results are ready, so you can have priority access to them before they are made public. We will not give/rent/sell you contact details to any 3rd parties and we won’t spam you (that’s a promise)