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The Brand Review Index

A Comparative Analysis of Leading Brands' Google Review Ratings

Grocery Retailers

Over 74 million people have gone out of their way to review our top 15 grocery retailers on Google. So what compels them to do that? Is it good service, the selection of goods available, the cleanliness of the store, or simply a strong affinity for the brand? 

Take a look at the results below, then head to the trend analysis for insights on the top grocery retailers.

BrandMedian Google Review RatingAvg. Google Review Rating*Locations AnalyzedAvg. Reviews Per Location
Trader Joe’s Trader Joes Logo 1020204.7 ⭐️4.6 ⭐️5321,800
Publix Publix Logo 1020204.6 ⭐️4.5 ⭐️1,2611,325
ALDI Aldi Logo4.5 ⭐️4.5 ⭐️2,235792
WinCo WinCo Logo4.5 ⭐️4.4 ⭐️1371,922
Food Lion Food Lion Logo 1020204.3 ⭐️4.3 ⭐️1,080677
Whole Foods Market Whole Foods Logo 1020204.3 ⭐️4.3 ⭐️5001,353
Albertsons Albertsons Logo 1020204.3 ⭐️4.2 ⭐️4141,072
GIANT GIANT Logo 1020204.3 ⭐️4.2 ⭐️1581,042
Meijer Meijer Logo 1020204.3 ⭐️4.2 ⭐️2683,070
Giant Food Giant Food Logo 1020204.2 ⭐️4.2 ⭐️171750
Save A Lot Save A Lot Logo 1020204.2 ⭐️4.2 ⭐️832515
IGA IGA Logo 1020204.2 ⭐️4.1 ⭐️630365
Safeway Safeway Logo 1020204.1 ⭐️4.1 ⭐️9131,232
Kroger Kroger Logo 1020204.1 ⭐️4.0 ⭐️1,254636
Walmart Walmart Logo 1020203.9 ⭐️3.9 ⭐️4,6383,508

*As this is is an average of an average, and therefore not the most mathematically accurate to present, we’ve included the Median Review Google Review Rating.

Brand Size and Reputation

The chart below shows the size of the top 15 supermarket and grocery retail brands against their median review scores.

The horizontal (X) axis represents each brand’s median Google review rating, and the vertical (Y) axis plots them by location size.

Grocery Grid Brand Size Final

Top Three Trend Analysis

It’s notable that Trader Joe’s, Publix, and ALDI take the top three spots, as each grocery chain has very different marketing and positioning strategies.

Trader Joe’s, known for its variety of signature food items, targets the young professional market and those with an interest in healthy, organic, and gourmet products. It’s clear from Google reviews across the USA that this is exactly what customers love the most.

Trader Joe’s Google Business Profiles (GBP) are bursting with customer photos of fresh flowers and unique snacking products. Top keywords such as ‘organic,’ ‘healthy,’ ‘vegan’ and ‘produce’ are prominent across review profiles.

Trader Joe's Graphic (2)
Publix Graphic (800 X 800 Px)

Publix’s slogan is “where shopping is a pleasure.” This slogan matches its upmarket focus and customer-centricity. Customer reviews regularly write about the experience of shopping at Publix, with plenty of comments on store presentation and cleanliness. Review photos highlight attractive store displays and fresh, colorful produce.

However, the stand-out theme for Publix’s reviews is customer service, with customers going out of their way to mention employees and their encounters with them by name. The keywords often mentioned throughout Google reviews nearly always seem to include ’employees’ and also ‘deli’. On closer inspection, the ‘deli’ terms tend to refer to both the quality of the food available and the quality of the service provided by specific employees here.

ALDI is known for its no-frills approach to grocery shopping. It keeps prices low for customers and, famously, offers uncanny alternatives to branded products.

As a result, its customers take to Google to comment on prices and value, with keywords such as ‘prices,’ ‘savings,’ ‘deals,’ and ‘budget,’ at the forefront of store review profiles. Unsurprisingly, you won’t see an abundance of pleasant store images within the reviews, as ALDI’s approach is more about functionality and efficiency than Publix’s ‘pleasurable’ shopping experiences. 

Strong Market Positioning 

Although the three supermarket brands differ in terms of their market positioning, what they have in common is a clear brand identity with strong core values. It’s evident that their audiences resonate with them, compelling them to go as far as leaving a Google review.

Of course, we can’t be certain that each brand implements a specific review generation stream into its reputation management strategies. However, the top three clearly ensure that their brand values and propositions are reflected throughout their physical stores, giving customers a reason to want to share their experiences.

Aldi Graphic (1)

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