Online Reviews & Rating API


Online Reviews & Ratings API


Get review count, star rating & review content from over 30 review sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook & Tripadvisor.

Add reviews & ratings data to your own SEO tools and reporting dashboard

Monitor 30+ Review Sites

Monitor 30+ Review Sites

Monitor reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Tripadvisor etc...

Review Count & Star ratings

Review Count & Star ratings

Get review count & star rating data from all sites

Full Review Content & Data

Full Review Content & Data

Get review content, reviewer name, review date etc for all reviews

API Access & Pricing


API access is available to customers on our SEO Pro account (having a subscription package is a requirement to use the API). API fees are paid in addition to monthly subscription fees.


API pricing is on a ‘per request’ basis (Request = 1 location on 1 review site engine). Price = US$0.05 per request. Example price: 1 location x 10 review sites = 10 requests x US$0.05 = $0.50

API keys & technical support

We issue you with a development API key which gives you access to our Reviews & Ratings API plus all other BrightLocal APIs (1 key for all APIs). We can arrange a technical support call (developer-to-developer) so help you get set-up and to answer any questions.

Price per API request = $0.05

See Full API Documentation

Take a look at all the review sites our API covers

OpenTableHotels and Restaurants
TripAdvisorHotels and Restaurants
Yellow PagesGeneral
YelpGeneral (Coming Soon!)Hotels and Restaurants (Coming Soon!)Hotels and Restaurants
Expedia (Coming Soon!)Hotels and Restaurants

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