Online Reviews & Rating API

Online Reviews & Ratings API

Get review count, star rating & review content from over 30 review sites including Google, Yelp, Facebook & Tripadvisor.

Add reviews & ratings data to your own SEO tools and reporting dashboard

Monitor 30+ Review Sites

Monitor 30+ Review Sites

Monitor reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Tripadvisor etc...

Review Count & Star ratings

Review Count & Star ratings

Get review count & star rating data from all sites

Full Review Content & Data

Full Review Content & Data

Get review content, reviewer name, review date etc for all reviews

API Access & Pricing


API access is available to customers on our SEO Pro account (having a subscription package is a requirement to use the API). API fees are paid in addition to monthly subscription fees.


API pricing is on a ‘per request’ basis (Request = 1 location on 1 review site engine). Price = US$0.05 per request. Example price: 1 location x 10 review sites = 10 requests x US$0.05 = $0.50

API keys & technical support

We issue you with a development API key which gives you access to our Reviews & Ratings API plus all other BrightLocal APIs (1 key for all APIs). We can arrange a technical support call (developer-to-developer) so help you get set-up and to answer any questions.

Price per API request = $0.05

See Full API Documentation

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