Rank Tracking API

Pinpoint accurate local rank tracking data

Organic Search Rankings

Get accurate organic search ranking results for Google and Bing.

Local / Maps Rankings

Get accurate local and maps search ranking results for Google Local and Bing Local.

Google Mobile Rankings

Get accurate search ranking results for Google Mobile search.

Locations API

1000s of Search Locations

Analyze and compare search rankings for every town, city, and zipcode.

API Access and Pricing

API Access

API access is available to customers on our SEO Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan (to discuss an Enterprise plan, please contact our Enterprise team).

Customers on our Single-Business and Multi-Business plans will need to upgrade to a higher level account to access the APIs.

See Full API Documentation

Ranking API Pricing

Price per API request = US$0.01 

API pricing is on a ‘per request’ basis (1 request = 1 keyword on 1 search engine).

Price model: 50KWs x 4 search engines = 200 requests x US$0.01 = US$2

Contact our Enterprise team to discuss discounts.

API Key and Technical Support

We issue you with a development API key which gives you access to our search ranking API and all other BrightLocal APIs.

We can arrange a technical support call (developer-to-developer) to help you get set up quickly and to answer any questions you have.

Please get in touch to learn how our APIs can help you

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