Uberall vs BrightLocal

Truly own your local listings
A listings solution unique to your business
Everything you need for local SEO in one place
00.hero Uberall Vs Brightlocal.

Why our clients love BrightLocal

"What used to take the agency 10 hours manually, we can do in 10 minutes with BrightLocal"
Matthew Travers - Lead to Conversion
Matthew Travers
Lead to Conversion
"I would and do recommend BrightLocal as a strong tool for anyone who is serious about local search. Having them on your side is like having a full-time local SEO staff."
Casey Meraz - Ethical SEO Consulting
Casey Meraz
Ethical SEO Consulting
"BrightLocal customized their tools based on our needs. They came up with a rank checker for AdWords ads which is something I have never been able to find anywhere else."
Joy Hawkins - Sterling Sky
Joy Hawkins
Sterling Sky

Your business needs its own unique solution, don’t settle for a template

Uberall’s cookie-cutter approach is simple, but this often leads to serious compromise. BrightLocal offers true flexibility for your listings, for every budget.

Pay once, with no annual renewals

✔️  BrightLocal lets you truly own your listings. After they’re created they belong to you, with no need for regular renewals.

Uberall has an annual renewal fee, so you never really own your listings. If you leave, they’re up for grabs.

02.no Recurring Fees.
03.only Payfor What You Need Uberall

Only pay for the listings you actually need

✔️ BrightLocal offers a custom solution for every business, so you can build listings that matter to you.

Uberall may have an extensive network of 125 citation sites, but it’s a one-size-fits-all rather than being tailored to your business’s needs.

Get listed on industry-specific sites valuable to your business

✔️ BrightLocal understands that every niche is different. It makes sure your business is listed on niche directories specific to your industry or location.

Uberall’s network is limited. This means you miss out on niche and location-specific sites that could be just what you need.

03.sites Critical To Your Industry
We have built hundreds of citation campaigns with the team and are thrilled with the speed, quality, and professionalism they constantly provide.
Jason Mcmahon - Digital Strategist
Jason Mcmahon
Digital Strategist

Submissions managed by humans

✔️ Our team of specialists manages direct submissions. This personal touch allows us to ensure every listing is updated and managed accurately.

With Uberall everything is managed by bots. Yes, it’s fully automated, but there’s no flexibility.

Direct connections to the Big Four

When BrightLocal launched Active Sync, it well and truly changed the listings game. We built a simple and cost-effective system to help businesses manage multiple listings across multiple locations in one place. Make changes and action them on each listing at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of sites like Uberall.

Local is much more than simply listings

Your listings are a valuable part of your local SEO foundations, but they’re just the beginning. BrightLocal offers a suite of local SEO tools to help you move the needle, with rank tracking, auditing, and Google Business Profile posting all in one place.

Enhance your campaigns using insights from tools built for local

✔️ BrightLocal provides a suite of tools especially for local businesses, offering all the support you need to improve.

Uberall has no way to track your local rankings or audit your local presence. They have a small selection of services at a premium.

Impress clients and stakeholders with white-label reporting

✔️ We created an agency-friendly white-label option. Report to your clients with your own logo and brand colors, using our data.

Uberall only offers white-label solutions to partners.

"I use BrightLocal's Local Rank Tracker on a daily basis for all of my local clients... the ability to dig down into specific towns and cities means you get accurate search volumes, accurate ranking data, and can give clients a much better idea of how visible they are in their local area."
Levi Williams-Clucas - Search Engine Optimization Manager, Hello Earth
Levi Williams-Clucas
Search Engine Optimization Manager, Hello Earth

Build and manage your listings with BrightLocal today

So, how does BrightLocal stack up?

The table below compares Uberall pricing for the building listings individually against BrightLocal’s Citation Builder service.

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$2-3.20 per site
$10/yr per site
Pay Once, No Recurring Fee
No. of Sites in Network
Manual Submissions
Data Aggregator Submissions
Ability to Order Aggregators Individually
Build New Listings
Update Existing Listings
Claim Listings
Data is Permanent
Remove Duplicate Listings
Detailed Reports
Countries Available Inbl-flags
Local Rank Tracking
Local SEO Auditing

Great reviews from our happy Citation Building customers

"I like the fact that I can pick the citations I want based on my budget and your team helps do the rest. The one thing I like the most is that once the citation is created you give us access an ownership of that citation. Not many citation tools allow you to do that."
Michael Richmond
Owner, Orange SEO
"We love that Brightlocal offers an easy way to track and manage local citations. It has provided us with so many important sites to get our clients listed on."
Tatiana Borisanova
SEO Specialist/Project Manager, 9thCO
"This is an easy-to-use method of adding citations for my client. The cost is reasonable - the execution is rapid and elegant. The citations built with the tool belong to my customer and not BrightLocal. Others keep those links in their name, which is not a good thing."
Robert L Donnell
President, P5 Marketing, Inc.