Top 50 local citation sites – US, UK, Canada & Australia

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The following lists of sites are extracted from over 100,000 reports run using our CitationTracker tool. 

These sites are classified by country, with a different list of ‘Top 50′ sites per country. Their ranking is determined by ‘frequency of appearance’ in CitationTracker reports. We identify citation sites by querying Google, Yahoo & Bing for business data and then de-dupe the search results to leave 1 unique entry per domain per report. These sites are typically genuine ‘structured’ citation sites* which allow you to list &/or edit your business listings.

There are currently 4 country options available in our CitationTracker tool – USA, UK, Canada & Australia. Some of these sites are country specific and same have international coverage so may appear on more than 1 list.

 *NB – we haven’t filtered these results to remove ‘non-structured’ sites; it’s the nature of online business listings that structured citation sites dominate search results and citation reports.


Download Top 50 Citation Sites for USA, UK, Australia & Canada

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13 Responses to “Top 50 local citation sites – US, UK, Canada & Australia”

  1. Ray Cassidy

    Ah ha! Found it at last! I’ve been trying to track this down again for the last fortnight Myles. A really useful list that has a couple of surprises. I’ve hardly seen any sign of these directories in the last two years of ferreting about in local: localmole, businessclassified, dentonsweb, uk-local-search & gomy are all new faces to me. Probably just another consequence of being in Carlisle, the backwater of modern marketing ;-) Thanks for putting this together.

    In the download, what do the numbers in the spreadsheet relate to? I’m curious.

  2. Shane Balas

    This is a great list Myles. This is a great article for my company, Local Market Launch, and me. We work with business’s listings online by optimizing company’s business information and pushing that data across syndication sites. There are some directories on here that I have not hear of that we will be able to add to our product list. Thanks for the post!

  3. Art

    You may want to remove the from your list, there is nothing there.

  4. Laurence

    Thanks for putting together this list really helpful, I may have taken me a while but I have now added my company too these sites, so fingers crossed it will help with citations, hence Google places ranking, and generally help with the SEO for my website.

  5. Rachel Kruse

    Thanks for sharing useful list for local business owners and promoters.

  6. Satish

    Thank you for the awesome list. But what is the Count Column used for in the excel sheet? :D

  7. Myles Anderson Myles Anderson

    Hi Satish – the count column was the number of instances that this citation site appeared on a citation report in the analysis we did. So it shows you the frequency that they appear in Google’s index when searching for a local business.

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