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Top Citation Sites in Belgium

Top Citation Sites in Belgium

If you’re serious about growing your business in Belgium, you’ll need to incorporate local citation building into your local search plan. A good spread of business listings, across a wide range of both general and industry-specific citation sites can boost your local search presence. It also makes your business much easier to find, both online and in person, for local consumers.

Multiple listings, with consistent information, create an air of credibility. They also signal to search engines and search users that you’re an active, legitimate local business with a real local presence. Feeding this kind of data to search engines boosts their understanding of which areas you serve, and the products or services you offer. In turn, this will help your business to be returned for more relevant local searches.

What is a local listing?

A local citation is an online mention of your business information. It can take various forms and appear in a wide range of places. 

As a minimum, the mention must include your NAP: business name, address, and phone number.

Why are local Belgian citations important?

Belgian shopping habits changed enormously during the Covid-19 pandemic. It had a relatively small e-commerce market before 2019, but post-2020 local online purchases of non-food items increased by 66%. 

Building local citations allows you to gain visibility with those local shoppers.

Building Belgian Listings

With three official languages (French, German, and Dutch), you’ll need to be something of a linguist if you plan to build Belgian business listings manually. Swapping between multiple languages makes manual citation building more complex and more time-consuming than ever. 

You’ll need to be able to navigate account creation and registration, deal with input forms, and check for completeness. These are all time-intensive and repetitive tasks in their own right. They take up an even greater chunk of resources if you need to switch between three or four different languages and grapple with translation, too.

Belgium Citation List

Citation SiteDomain AuthorityGeneral Directory
facebook.com96General Directory
google.com94General Directory
yelp.com93General Directory
bing.com94General Directory
justlanded.com76General Directory
ailoq.com63General Directory
ec21.com63General Directory
storeboard.com62General Directory
brownbook.net62General Directory
infobel.com59General Directory
cybo.com56General Directory
tupalo.com57General Directory
botw.org55General Directory
yellow.place54General Directory
techdirectory.io55General Directory
startus.cc54General Directory
callupcontact.com53General Directory
showmelocal.com53General Directory
digitalbusinessdirectory.online52General Directory
globalcatalog.com51General Directory
linkcentre.com49General Directory
findit.com49General Directory
2findlocal.com47General Directory
whodoyou.com44General Directory
agreatertown.com45General Directory
place123.net47General Directory
travelful.net45General Directory
siccode.com41General Directory
nextbizthing.com40General Directory
localbusinesslisting.org42General Directory
teleadreson.com39General Directory
cgmimm.com44General Directory
iformative.com38General Directory
eliteservicesnetwork.com37General Directory
peeplocal.com36General Directory
trueen.com35General Directory
quponing.com31General Directory
searchmonster.org32General Directory
industryhuddle.com31General Directory
whatsyourhours.com31General Directory
adlocalpages.com27General Directory
bizmakersamerica.org28General Directory
fixerhub.com28General Directory
earthmom.org25General Directory
dealerbaba.com37General Directory
gbibp.com26General Directory
bestincom.com26General Directory
gbnconnect.com23General Directory
verview.com21General Directory
biztobiz.org24General Directory
fireflylisting.com20General Directory
osogbo.com19General Directory
citypages.pro15General Directory
mybizweb.com8General Directory
tuugo.be19General Directory
hotfrogbe.be9General Directory
be.enrollbusiness.com52General Directory
cylex-belgie.be20General Directory
opendi.be16General Directory
acompio.be14General Directory
be.kompass.com69General Directory
infoisinfo.be9General Directory
belgiquebd.com14General Directory
be.bizin.eu30General Directory
nearfinderbe.com7General Directory

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