SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2014

SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2014

On 24th October 2014 we kicked off our annual SMB Internet Marketing Survey. The survey results have now been published and can be viewed on our blog.

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We first ran this survey in 2013 and had 668 businesses participate (see 2013 survey findings).

The objective of the survey was to understand how small and medium sized businesses consider, use & benefit from internet marketing. The survey targeted businesses with less than 50 employees across all business categories.

In the 2014 SMB Internet Marketing Survey we also gave away a fancy new Ipad Air 16GB.

About the Survey

BrightLocal are proud to partner with to create this unique survey for the Small & Medium Sized Business sector (SMB).

The objective of the survey was to understand what small businesses think about the effectiveness of internet marketing and if they tackle it themselves or prefer to use a 3rd party marketing consultant/agency.

How are survey results be used?

We publish an overall analysis of the survey results to give insights into how SMBs use internet marketing. However, individual responses will of course remain anonymous.

Insights from the 2014 survey

We received 736 responses from SMBs spread across over 50 industry sectors.

Top 6 Stats from SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2014:

  • 37% of SMBs plan to spend more on internet marketing in 2015
  • 32% say internet marketing is ‘very effective’ at attracting customers
  • 50% of SMBs spend less than $300/month on internet marketing
  • 31% of SMBs say ‘phone calls’ is the most important marketing KPI
  • 64% of SMBs surveyed handle their internet marketing in-house
  • 35% of SMBs are contacted every day by SEO agencies

Insights from the 2013 survey

We received 668 responses from SMBs spread across over 50 industry sectors.

Key insights from 2013:

  • The average SMB marketing spend was $400 per month
  • The average SMB allocated 46% of their marketing budget to internet or mobile marketing
  • 21% of SMBs planned to increase their internet marketing spend in 2014
  • Word of Mouth was considered the most effective marketing channel (26%), SEO was 2nd (19%)
  • 68% said internet marketing was either ‘quite’ or ‘very effective’ at attracting customers
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