Top 50 Local Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia

Top 50 Local Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada, and Australia

Top 50 Citation Sites – Updated 2018

We originally published this list of top local citation sites in 2013.

In February 2018 we reviewed all the local directories included and updated each of the country lists to ensure that this is the most complete and fresh citation-building resource available online for anyone looking for business listings or local directories.

Sites were selected based on a range of criteria –

  • Domain Authority (i.e. their ranking power)
  • Generic Sites (i.e. businesses in all categories can get listed on them)
  • Active Sites (i.e. they’re still in business)
  • Accept New Listings (i.e. not closed business lists)

Citation Sites for USA, UK, Canada & Australia

We have divided this list into 4 countries so that businesses & SEOs based in each country can access a set of business listing websites that works for them and their customers.




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*NB – we haven’t filtered these results to remove ‘non-structured’ sites; it’s the nature of online business listings that structured citation sites dominate search results and citation reports.

Top 50 local citation sites for the US

Local search means more than a presence on Google+ Local, Facebook and Bing. Allowing customers to find you means building a presence on local citation sites and directories, both general and niche to your business. This list of the top 50 local citation sites in the USA gives a great foundation to your local listing optimization!


Citation SiteDomain AuthorityGeneral / Niche Listing URL
facebook.com100GeneralGo to site
Apple Maps100GeneralGo to site
Google My Business100GeneralGo to site
bing.com98GeneralGo to site
foursquare.com94GeneralGo to site
mapquest.com94GeneralGo to site
yelp.com94GeneralGo to site
yellowpages.com89GeneralGo to site
angieslist.com89GeneralGo to site
merchantcircle.com85GeneralGo to site
yellowbook.com83GeneralGo to site
manta.com83GeneralGo to site
superpages.com82GeneralGo to site
kudzu.com75GeneralGo to site
local.com72GeneralGo to site
local.botw.org71GeneralGo to site
spoke.com71GeneralGo to site
chamberofcommerce.com69GeneralGo to site
hotfrog.com67GeneralGo to site
communitywalk.com67GeneralGo to site
2findlocal.com66GeneralGo to site
company.com66GeneralGo to site
brownbook.net64GeneralGo to site
tupalo.com63GeneralGo to site
Go To Site
worldweb.com56GeneralGo to site
where2go.com56GeneralGo to site
citysquares.com56GeneralGo to site
ezlocal.com54GeneralGo to site
ebusinesspages.com54GeneralGo to site
cylex-usa.com53GeneralGo to site
getfave.com53GeneralGo to site
bizhwy.com52GeneralGo to site
lacartes.com52GeneralGo to site
myhuckleberry.com49GeneralGo to site
hub.biz49GeneralGo to site
cityinsider.com48GeneralGo to site
wand.com47GeneralGo to site
n49.com47GeneralGo to site
yelloyello.com47GeneralGo to site
opendi.us47GeneralGo to site
fyple.com46GeneralGo to site
us.bizadee.com46GeneralGo to site
callupcontact.com45GeneralGo to site
mysheriff.net45GeneralGo to site
smartguy.com44GeneralGo to site
finduslocal.com44GeneralGo to site
nexport.com41GeneralGo to site
wowcity.com41GeneralGo to site
wherezit.com41GeneralGo to site

Download Top 50 Citations USA


Top 50 local citation sites for the UK

For SMBs it is vitally important to get listed on those sites which are local to your business – whether that’s in your state, city, county, or town. Building this local search presence helps point customers your way when looking to search engines to find services near them. This list of the top 50 local citation sites and directories in the UK gives great insight to your local search needs.


Citation SiteDomain AuthorityGeneral / Niche Listing URL
facebook.com100GeneralGo to site
Apple Maps100GeneralGo to site
bing.com98GeneralGo to site
Google My Business96GeneralGo to site
foursquare.com94GeneralGo to site to site to site
yell.com85GeneralGo to site
tomtom.com84GeneralGo to site to site
spoke.com70GeneralGo to site to site
thomsonlocal.com65GeneralGo to site
2findlocal.com65GeneralGo to site to site
communitywalk.com62GeneralGo to site to site
ibegin.com61GeneralGo to site
justlanded.com61GeneralGo to site
Go to site
tupalo.com58GeneralGo to site
touchlocal.com52GeneralGo to site
where2go.com52GeneralGo to site
storeboard.com52GeneralGo to site to site to site
lacartes.com49GeneralGo to site
uk.bizadee.com48GeneralGo to site to site
uk.myhuckleberry.com47GeneralGo to site
yelloyello.com46GeneralGo to site
cybo.com46GeneralGo to site
wand.com46GeneralGo to site
businessvibes.com45GeneralGo to site
gb.enrollbusiness.com45GeneralGo to site to site
expressbusinessdirectory.com43GeneralGo to site to site to site
barbourproductsearch.info42GeneralGo to site
find-us-here.com42GeneralGo to site
n49.com42GeneralGo to site
whodoyou.com42GeneralGo to site to site
company.fm41GeneralGo to site
Go to site
uk.wowcity.com40GeneralGo to site
parkbench.com39GeneralGo to site
uk.ypgo.net39GeneralGo to site to site

Download Top 50 Citation Sites UK


I have used BrightLocal's citation service & have been happy every time. Highly recommended.

Wyman Marshall Louisville, KY

Top 50 local citation sites for Australia

Through local listing optimization and submitting to local search citations can help customers find you and all your business has to offer! Customers use search engines search as Google to find businesses near them, so this list of the top 50 local search citation sites and directories in Australia will help push your local search presence.


Citation SiteDomain AuthorityGeneral / NicheListing URL
facebook.com100GeneralGo to site
Apple Maps100GeneralGo to site
bing.com99GeneralGo to site
foursquare.com94GeneralGo to site
Google My Business92GeneralGo to site to site
spoke.com71GeneralGo to site to site
2findlocal.com66GeneralGo to site
communitywalk.com65GeneralGo to site
brownbook.net63GeneralGo to site to site
tupalo.com61GeneralGo to site to site to site
showmelocal.com58GeneralGo to site to site
where2go.com54GeneralGo to site to site
lacartes.com51GeneralGo to site
au.bizadee.com48GeneralGo to site
australia.myhuckleberry.com48GeneralGo to site
cybo.com48GeneralGo to site
au.enrollbusiness.com47GeneralGo to site
wand.com47GeneralGo to site
yelloyello.com47GeneralGo to site to site
zipleaf.auz.net45GeneralGo to site
expressbusinessdirectory.com44GeneralGo to site
whodoyou.com44GeneralGo to site to site
smartguy.com43GeneralGo to site
callupcontact.com42GeneralGo to site to site
company.fm42GeneralGo to site
find-us-here.com42GeneralGo to site
infoisinfo-au.com42GeneralGo to site
au.wowcity.com41GeneralGo to site to site to site
iglobal.co40GeneralGo to site
tuugo.biz40GeneralGo to site to site to site to site
australianplanet.com38GeneralGo to site
lekkoo.com38GeneralGo to site
nearfinderau.com38GeneralGo to site to site
fyple.biz37GeneralGo to site

Download Top 50 Citation Sites Australia


Top 50 local citation sites for Canada

The building, maintaining and data cleansing of local citations is an important part of local search. Enabling you to not only help showcase your services in search engines such as Google and Bing but also, more importantly, help customers find you! This list of the top 50 local search citations in Canada gives your business a great start!


Citation SiteDomain AuthorityGeneral / NicheListing URL
Apple Maps100GeneralGo to site
facebook.com100GeneralGo to site
bing.com99GeneralGo to site
Google My Business94GeneralGo to site
foursquare.com94GeneralGo to site
yellowpages.ca85GeneralGo to site
yelp.ca73GeneralGo to site
spoke.com72GeneralGo to site
2findlocal.com68GeneralGo to site
brownbook.net64GeneralGo to site
canpages.ca64GeneralGo to site
tupalo.com62GeneralGo to site
ibegin.com61GeneralGo to site
411.ca59GeneralGo to site
showmelocal.com59GeneralGo to site
websites.ca56GeneralGo to site
lacartes.com53GeneralGo to site
myhuckleberry.com50GeneralGo to site
cybo.com50GeneralGo to site
canadianbusinessdirectory.ca49GeneralGo to site
wand.com48GeneralGo to site
yelloyello.com48GeneralGo to site
ca.enrollbusiness.com48GeneralGo to site
lawlink.com48NicheGo to site
ca.bizadee.com48GeneralGo to site
foundlocally.com47GeneralGo to site
profilecanada.com47GeneralGo to site
cylex.ca46GeneralGo to site
hotfrog.ca43GeneralGo to site
cdncompanies.com45GeneralGo to site
callupcontact.com43GeneralGo to site
company.fm43GeneralGo to site
ca.wowcity.com42GeneralGo to site
pathlegal.com42NicheGo to site
everydentist.com42NicheGo to site
iglobal.co41GeneralGo to site
ylm.ca40GeneralGo to site
zipleaf.ca37GeneralGo to site
fonolive.com37GeneralGo to site
fyple.ca33GeneralGo to site
findhere.ca32GeneralGo to site
mysheriff.ca32GeneralGo to site
opendi.ca31GeneralGo to site
cdnpages.ca31GeneralGo to site
linkbyme.net28GeneralGo to site
canadapages.com27GeneralGo to site
dentistfind.com26NicheGo to site
411directoryassistance.ca24GeneralGo to site
dentistryinworld.com24NicheGo to site
cibd.ca19GeneralGo to site

Download Top 50 Citations Canada


We've been impressed with the results from CitationBurst projects, and the BrightLocal team is always willing to work with us to create custom packages that fit our needs. I highly recommend them!

Cori Graft San Diego, CA
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    1. Thanks for your comment! We regularly update this post so can look to include more citation sites when we do so.

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  5. You should differentiate between follow and no-follow; not saying that the no-follow ones don’t serve a purpose, but people may get the wrong idea of what they accomplish.

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    1. Hi Hugo, thanks for letting us know. These were all working at time of publishing. Feel free to email us at with a list of sites you’ve found that aren’t working and we’ll plan to update the resource.



    1. Hi Frank, we actually updated it in February 2018, and will look into updating again soon.



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    1. Thanks for your comment Susan. We’ve recently updated the list, and it’d be great to know which sites aren’t working for you? We’ll jump on and make sure everything’s working.

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  9. I’ve got these sorted in bookmark folders and I just select 5-10 at a time and open them all, go thru them using roboform to greatly speed up the redundant process, and rinse/repeat.

  10. Thanks for putting together this list really helpful, I may have taken me a while but I have now added my company too these sites, so fingers crossed it will help with citations, hence Google places ranking, and generally help with the SEO for my website.

  11. Hi, Thanks for sharing valuable information. I just want to ask you a question, which one is more valuable the free listing site or paid listing sites. I got a bit confused over here. which one I’ll choose for my business.

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    1. Hi Rakesh,

      Thanks for your question. It depends on the site authority. The value is where all you’re the listings of the business are showing identical information. Google crawls the directories to ensure that all the data is correct. There’s also value if the site provides a back link back to your site. If you have a site with high authority with your listing on then Google will trust that. There are a lot of free directories that have this. Have a look at CitationBurst and input your business, CitationBurst will then return the most authoritative sites for you to be listed on.

      Many thanks,

    1. Hi Nadir,

      Thanks for the suggestion. Our work currently focuses on the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, but if we move into other areas we’ll add them here, too.



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    I also have a local listing site for Bangladesh. You can also add this website in Your Local Listing List.


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    1. Hi, Myriad…We haven’t found that a high number of online directory listings is detrimental to your business. However, the QUALITY of the directories you’re getting listed on DOES matter — a lot!

      — Sherry

  21. Is this an updated list? I can see the article was published long back. Not sure if all the sites are still live. If this is an updated list, then I must say you have done a great work.

  22. This is a great list but would like some clarification on how you determine the top 50. Is it the top 50 you see the most when doing competitive research? Or the top 50 by domain rank? Or top 50 by organic search? That would be helpful to understand what “top” really means. Otherwise, nice list and thank you for publishing this. We have two locations so we’ll be updating both offices. Thanks!

    1. Hi..Great question! If you do a search for ‘online directories’ or ‘online business directories’ you’ll find reputable sites that have lists of trusted directories. We keep a list of the ones the industry recommends and focus on those.

      – Sherry Bonelli

  23. I’ve been searching forever for a list this concise and helpful. I had forgotten about maybe 20 of these citations so thank you for sharing this. Have it bookmarked so I can easily revisit it and reference.

  24. Most of the websites are good but some run very bad. All sites are common just need to verify again the list and add some fresh directories along this year.

    1. Hi tscth – we have recently refreshed this (March 2017) list so that dead sites are removed and data has been updated!

  25. Hi there! Description for each directory must be unique ? I have a representatives of our comany worldwide. So I collected database directories all over the world and I want to place there information about our representatives in each country ( addresses will be their ) , but url will be of our general site. So, how to make each of them unique description of the company? Or I can write the same information about our company in each directory? In this case can be a penalty from Google or not? I’d be glad for any advice!

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    1. Hi Satish – the count column was the number of instances that this citation site appeared on a citation report in the analysis we did. So it shows you the frequency that they appear in Google’s index when searching for a local business.

  34. Thanks for putting together this list really helpful, I may have taken me a while but I have now added my company too these sites, so fingers crossed it will help with citations, hence Google places ranking, and generally help with the SEO for my website.

  35. This is a great list Myles. This is a great article for my company, Local Market Launch, and me. We work with business’s listings online by optimizing company’s business information and pushing that data across syndication sites. There are some directories on here that I have not hear of that we will be able to add to our product list. Thanks for the post!

  36. Ah ha! Found it at last! I’ve been trying to track this down again for the last fortnight Myles. A really useful list that has a couple of surprises. I’ve hardly seen any sign of these directories in the last two years of ferreting about in local: localmole, businessclassified, dentonsweb, uk-local-search & gomy are all new faces to me. Probably just another consequence of being in Carlisle, the backwater of modern marketing 😉 Thanks for putting this together.

    In the download, what do the numbers in the spreadsheet relate to? I’m curious.

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