Import Locations from Google My Business to BrightLocal

Import Locations from Google My Business to BrightLocal

We’re excited to announce that you can now import Locations from Google My Business (GMB) into your BrightLocal account.

This means that if you have multiple locations in your GMB account, you can now set these up quickly & easily in your BrightLocal account, allowing you to track their SEO performance and build accurate, matching citations.

Hopefully our users will find this update a huge time saver and a fantastic addition to the manual or CSV import methods!

How to import locations from GMB

3 Options for Setting up Locations

Within the Clients & Locations section of your dashboard, you now have the option to import a location. For importing, you now have 3 options:

  1. Import listings from Google My Business
  2. Add single location (manually)
  3. Import locations from a CSV file

The big change here is option 1, enabling you to import listings directly from Google My Business. Woohoo! ??

Using this new option you can connect to GMB, which will then automatically fetch your locations. After this you are able to select which ones to import into your BrightLocal account.

Handling New & Existing Locations

We query the listings that you have in your GMB account and import any that are in a ‘published’, ‘unpublished’, or ‘pending’ state.

We do not import any duplicate or disabled accounts, as our users tell us that these aren’t accurate or usable locations for them at this time. Do you disagree? Leave a comment at the bottom if you do.

Once we have fetched your Google My Business locations, you will see two tabs:

  1. New Locations
  2. Existing Locations.
View New & Existing GMB locations

New Locations – in your New locations tab you will see listings that you don’t already have set up in your BrightLocal account. We use your NAP details to match imported listings vs those in your account.

Existing Locations – if we suspect that you already have a listing in your account it will appear on the Existing Locations tab. You can then choose if you want to skip these, import as new locations or import & update the listings that you already have in your account.

There is a useful Comparison option that lets you compare data from a GMB location vs data for an existing location in your account and choose how you want to handle it.

compare existing google my business locations
Compare GMB data vs the data in your BrightLocal account

Set-up reporting & citation campaigns for your imported locations

Once imported, you will see the listings in your dashboard, and can choose which ones to set up monitoring or build local citations for.

This is a huge time saver if you have multiple locations in GMB. You can quickly import them, set up your tracking, and kick off a citation campaign in no time at all. Then you can focus on the day’s other tasks and let us take care of rest!

More GMB updates coming soon

This is the first of many helpful GMB updates that we’re working on. Here’s a sneak preview of the next 2 that we’ll be launching in the coming weeks:

  • GMB Insights data in your Location Dashboard:

You will soon be able to see your Google My Business insights data from your GMB dashboard, e.g:

  • how customers search for your business
  • where they view your profile
  • clicks & calls to your number from Google
  • request for driving directions
Google My Business insights
GMB insights coming soon!

Google My Business insights

Google My Business insights

Google My Business insights

Push updated Location data back into your GMB account:

As well as importing data from Google My Business you’ll be able to push location data back up into GMB from BrightLocal. This means that if you update a location in BrightLocal, you will be able to push that data out to Google My Business.

We hope you find this update useful and that it helps you manage your GMB locations better!

As always, please let us know your thoughts & feedback in the comments below. Thank you!

Ross Marchant
About the author
Ross is the former Marketing Manager for BrightLocal. With 9+ years SEO and content experience, Ross spearheaded the marketing and CRM initiatives which focus heavily on creating useful and informative content. Ross coordinated the research program at BrightLocal which delivers unique insights into both the SEO industry and local consumer behaviours.