Rank Checker – Interactive Reports, Colorful Charts & White-Label Reports

Rank Checker – Interactive Reports, Colorful Charts & White-Label Reports

Release date: 05.04.2012 (5th April 2012)

Tool: Local Rank Tracker

We have released a number of significant new features for the Local Rank Tracker tool.

Please watch our quick video (see below) which explains what updates we’ve made and how you can use them to improve your reporting and analysis.

New Features:

1. Interactive Reports:

you can now view your search ranking reports online, as well as CSV & PDF. You can compare current rankings with any past reports; simply select the date period you want to compare (last week, last month or the very first report you ran) and see how your rankings have changed.

2. Colorful Charts:

we have added some clear & colorful charts so that you can visualise your ranking changes and get a clearer picture of what’s going on! (more of these coming soon!)

3. Tracking New & Lost Rankings:

we have added a feature which makes tracking ‘New’ and ‘Lost’ rankings easier. We show you how many rankings have appeared within the top 50 results and how many have dropped out – since the last report you ran.

4. White-label Online Reports*:

You can now publish your reports onto external URLs and customize these with your own logo and brand colors. These reports can then be easily shared with clients & colleagues who don’t have a login to brightlocal.com

See example white-label online report

And we haven’t stopped there. We will be releasing further updates with extra charts and features throughout April.

*Note – the ability to white-label reports is only available to customers on our multi-business and SEO Pro packages. Customers on our single-business package will need to upgrade before they can white-label their reports.

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