What’s new with Local Rank Checker?

It’s been a busy few weeks for our Local Rank Checker tool, having been the focus of a number of important updates. To summarise those changes – and to highlight some newer tweaks based on your feedback – we’ve produced the following short video.

It also includes a summary of more updates you can expect to see very soon.

Watch our quick summary video!

Changes to Summary Charts

At the end of last year, we rolled out a big design update for Local Rank Checker with a cleaner looking interface & mobile responsive reports.

Based on your feedback to that update, we’ve finalised some additional changes, as detailed below:

Size & color of Summary Charts

A major inclusion to our last update was the introduction of a Summary Chart in your Rank Checker reports. Summary Charts are designed to be a great way of showcasing your reports at a glance, therefore giving you & your clients a simple, visual overview of ranking changes.

Whilst we’ve had a lot of positive feedback on this feature, one of the recurring points flagged up, was that chart itself was a little too big, dominating the report screen & therefore taking attention away from other important metrics.

Today, we’ve amended that by reducing the overall size of the chart (see below).

Ranking Report Summary Charts
Ranking Report ‘Summary Charts’ are now less dominating

We’ve also made revisional changes to the color scheme in Summary Charts.

Your feedback suggested that the blue / purple colors used were not actually very clear on some lower resolution screens. As many of you have clients that view your reports on a wide variety of screen resolutions, this could cause problems in terms of readability.

Therefore, we’ve changed this to a much clearer color scheme & also adopted the more traditional ‘traffic light’ system to show ranking changes more clearly.