Local Rank Tracker Live in Canada!

Local Rank Tracker Live in Canada!

Local Rank Tracker - Canada!

We are very happy to announce that the Local Rank Tracker is now live in Canada.

Canadian based businesses and SEOs can now check and track their search rankings and local search rankings on Google.ca (English & French), Yahoo.ca (English & French) and bing.com

And it goes without saying that we also provide search rank tracking for Google Places, Yahoo Local & Bing Local.


5 Great Features of Local Rank Tracker

1.Automate your weekly & monthly ranking reports

Set-up your search ranking reports and schedule them to automatically update every week or month.

2. Customize reports with your own logo & branding

Create a branding profile* by uploading your logo and customizing report colors and text. Apply your branding profile to each report you run and make OUR reports YOUR reports.**

*For SEOs who provide white-label services you can create as many branding profiles as you need.
**Branding profiles are only available to customers on the Multi-business or SEO Pro Packages.

3. Get report updates emailed directly to you & to your clients

Take the strain out of your weekly report updates and have BrightLocal email them direct to you. You can set-up 5 recipients for each report so you, colleagues and even your clients can receive automated reports every week.

4. Add client information to the ‘Clients’ area and set-up new reports in minutes

Don’t manually enter client information every time you want to run a new report. Set up each client 1 time and then run new reports straight from the ‘Clients’ area in your admin console.

5. Summary Reports (coming soon)

Do you have lots of clients and lots of reports? Well we have a great solution. Rather than get bombarded with tonnes of emails and tonnes of reports, you can set-up a Summary Report which provides a top-level view of the performance of each report.

Quickly see which clients are ranking well and which are the best & worst performers this week.Then you can deep dive into the most urgent reports straight from the summary.


Find out more about Local Rank Tracker

Watch our introductory video and learn about the key features of this tool.

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All our users can test out the Local Rank Tracker absolutely free. And if you like what you see then sign-up for 1 of our packages and get a 14 Day Free Trial!

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Can you guess which country we’re launching in next?

Local Rank Tracker in Australia!

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