Local Search FAQs Answered! #LocalSEOChat Recap

Local Search FAQs Answered! #LocalSEOChat Recap

As if we haven’t given ourselves enough to do this year already (did someone say monthly webinars?!) on Tuesday, February 18, we took to Twitter to host our first #LocalSEOChat of the year.

Using questions we didn’t quite get around to in last week’s Local Search Clinic with Greg Gifford, we invited the local search community, including some of the industry’s most knowledgeable figures, to solve your frequently asked questions surrounding local SEO.

In just one hour, local SEOs united to solve each other’s queries, ranging from how to gain prominence as a service-area business to tackling shared locations on GMB, as well as first steps for agencies, mobile page speed, and motivating engagement through GMB.

If you missed out on the excitement, you can catch some of the top questions and answers below, along with some useful resources:


Q1. Do service areas on GMB profiles have any effect on local SEO and visibility in those areas? – Adam

Q2. If someone is a practitioner with three locations and three GMB profiles, should their office hours only show when they’re actually in the office? – Nathan

Q3. What are the first five things agencies should do for new clients? – Tim

Q4. What are the best practices on GMB for home-based companies that don’t want to show their address online? – Ron

Q5. How important is mobile page speed when you’re trying to make the first page of SERPs on mobile? – Wes

Q6. I see offers for press release distribution with GMB embeds. Can this be helpful or is this practice dangerous? – Dennis

Q7. What’s the best way to get social media badges to show on GMB? – Emily

Q8. What tips do you have for motivating more engagement with GMB listings? – Gyi

Q9. Do keywords in reviews help with map rankings? – Jara

Q10. How much do activity and social signals from Facebook, Twitter, etc. affect local rankings? – Chris

Q11. What kinds of videos do you suggest adding to GMB? – Joseph

Q12. What could be the reason for local ranking flip-flopping (e.g. going from #2 to #23 multiple times)? –Henya

Q13. What the heck is going on with local rankings?! – Everyone


Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday and participated so keenly in #LocalSEOChat! Why not keep the discussion going in the comments below? Or, alternatively, join our local SEO networking list on Twitter to connect with other local SEOs.

Stephanie Newton
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Stephanie was responsible for managing BrightLocal’s community outreach and engagement, as well as producing and managing content to help inform and educate the local SEO community.

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