‘Location Emulation’ – Track Search Rankings at City or Zipcode Level

‘Location Emulation’ – Track Search Rankings at City or Zipcode Level

As search engines continue to personalize search results, the location of the searcher has an increasing influence on the ordering of results. To track local search rankings it’s useful to be able to set a location for your report and track rankings based on that location.

Differing behaviour of search users

When searching for local results some searchers include a location term (aka a ‘geo-modifier’) in their search term – e.g. Dentist in San Diego, while other searchers assume that Google already knows their location so they simply enter the term ‘Dentist’ and expect to see local results returned.

Set search location for your ranking reports

We have enhanced our local rank checker tool to let users set a search location for their ranking reports. Users can now enter town name, city or zipcode and then we look for search results from this location. This truly localizes search results and means that you can just enter a generic term – e.g. Dentist – rather than Dentist in San Diego.

This ‘location emulation’ feature currently works for Google, Google Places, Bing & Bing Local (but not Yahoo)

This feature is currently available in the Local Rank Tracker tool. We will be adding it to the Local SEO Check Up & Google My Business Audit in the coming weeks.

Watch 3 minute video

We have made this quick film to show you exactly how to set your location when setting up or editing your reports.

Brightlocal – ‘Location Emulation’ from BrightLocal on Vimeo.

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