Major Update – Location Dashboards & Google Analytics Integration

Major Update – Location Dashboards & Google Analytics Integration

UPDATE: As of April 2019, CitationBurst is now called Citation Builder

Today (15th June) we have released a major update to BrightLocal – Location Dashboards!

What is a Location Dashboard?

The Location Dashboard groups together different reports for a location. This makes it easier to navigate between ranking results, citations, reviews, GMB data etc so you can see the overall SEO performance of a location.

The result is a simplified, streamlined way to view & manage your SEO data on BrightLocal. This means you spend less time buried in data & more time delivering improvements to help your clients.

A Dashboard for Every Location

Each location you have in your account now has it’s own dashboard. There is no additional cost for the dashboard so every location you manage will benefit.

All in one local seo dashboard
New Location Dashboard available for every client!

All Reports in 1 Location Interface

The primary goal of the dashboard is to make it quick & easy for you to see search rankings, citations,
reviews, GMB data (and more) for a location. You no longer need to jump between the different tools to view different data for a client.


Add & Edit Data from within Dashboard

As well as viewing your data you can add new reports from direct within the dashboard.

We hope that this encourages you to make use of all the different reports available for your clients & maximise the value of your BrightLocal account.

Track local SEO data from with location dashboard
Set-up new reports from within the Dashboard


Our Tools & Reports Still Exist

It’s not compulsory to use the new Location Dashboards. You can still access all our tools as before & you can set up reports without assigning them to a Location.

The Location Dashboard provides a new way for you to view your data, it doesn’t replace the standalone reports.

Access reports & tools via dropdown
Access different tools via dropdown navigation

Handling Multiple Reports for a Location

Ideally you should have 1 set of reports per location – e.g. 1 ranking report, 1 citation report, 1 Google Local report.

If you have multiple reports (e.g. multiple ranking reports) for a location you can access all of these from within the Location Dashboard. However the data isn’t aggregated across reports so you still have to view each report separately.

What about CitationBurst?

CitationBurst –

  • We’re in the processing of updating our CitationBurst service to include Data Aggregators
  • We’re also updating the interfaces to make them faster & easier to use
  • Once these updates are complete we’ll integrate CitationBurst into your Location Dashboards

White-Label Dashboards Coming Soon!*

We’re now working on creating a white-label version of the location dashboard.

Each dashboard will be available on an external URL (similar to existing reports) and you can customize them with your logo & relevant brand colors.

You can choose which data is displayed in the external dashboard so you control which data your clients can view.

*Est. delivery date – July 2016

Google Analytics Integration

The good news doesn’t stop there!

We have also included Google Analytics (GA) integration with the Location Dashboard so you can view site data alongside other SEO metrics.

We’ve simplified the data GA provides to focus on the most important data that clients are interested in –

  • Site traffic
  • User numbers
  • Channel contribution
  • Top performing search terms
  • Mobile traffic
  • Goals

There is no additional cost for GA data and set-up takes less than 2 minutes!

Google Analytics Integrated into Local Search Marketing Dashboard
Connect Google Analytics to view site data in your dashboard

Social Integration Coming Soon!

Next on the list is Social Data with Twitter & Facebook integrations coming in June.

Twitter Data in Local SEO dashboard
Coming soon – Twitter & Facebook integrations
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