Update: Tracking Google Mobile Rankings + Enhanced Multi-location Reporting

Update: Tracking Google Mobile Rankings + Enhanced Multi-location Reporting
Key 'Takeaways' From This Post

We have released 2 major updates to our Rank Tracking functionality.

1. Track Google Mobile Rankings

At the request from many of our customers, we’ve now added Google Mobile Rank Tracking to our rank tracking reports.

Track Google Mobile Search Rankings
Google Mobile Rank Tracking added to Ranking Reports

Key Features:

  • View mobile rankings side-by-side with Google Organic & Maps rankings
  • Track both Local & Organic search results on Google Mobile
  • ‘Search Location’ can be set for Mobile in same way as Desktop searches
  • Mobile rankings included within all ranking charts & roll-up reports

Google Mobile is Free for SEO Pro Customers

Customers on our SEO Pro Plan get Google Mobile rankings included within their ranking reports. For existing SEO Pro customers (as of 5th March 2016) we have automatically added Google Mobile rankings to any reports which currently track Google.

For customers on our Single Business & Multi-Business Plans, you can get mobile rankings added to your ranking reports by purchasing the ‘Google Mobile Ranking Add-on’. This costs $10/month and covers all of the ranking reports you have.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to the SEO Pro Plan and get tons of extra reports as well as Google Mobile rankings.

2. Enhanced Ranking Analysis for Multi-Location Businesses

We’ve also released 2 key enhancements to our ranking roll-up reports.

Roll-up reports make it easy to analyze ranking data across multiple locations & multiple product types.

Roll-up reports are available to all customers on all packages.

Track Rankings for Groups of Search Terms
Track Rankings for Groups of Search Terms

Enhancement 1: Search Term Groups!

We have added Search Term Groups to roll-up reports.

These enables you to group related search terms together (e.g. product/service terms) and then view their rankings in aggregate. This makes it easy to see how these similar terms perform across multiple locations.

You can also compare the performance of different groups. We chart the rankings for each group side-by-side so you can quickly see which groups are performing well & which are not. By identifying low performing groups you can focus your content & link building efforts on these groups to drive up their rankings.

Coming soon: Create groups based on Search Location 

Enhancement 2: Real-time Display

We have also introduced more real-time functionality within roll-up reports. This means data is updated & displayed in next to real time giving a greatly enhanced experienced. This is the direction all our tools will move in so keep an eye out!

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