Rank Checker Roll Up Reports - 0We’re happy to announce a great new feature to the Local Search Rank Checker – the Roll Up reports. These roll-up reports replace the much older Summary reports which have been part of our offering for the last 2 years. The Roll-Up reports offer far greater detail and give you much more control over how you view your ranking results.

Using the all new Roll Up reports, you can aggregate multiple ranking reports into 1 large overview report. This is incredibly useful for those who manage clients that have multiple locations or franchises and want to be able to see all of their data in 1 single report – as opposed to having to go through to each report individually.

Benefits of using the Roll Up reports

Rank Checker Roll Up Reports - 1

See which clients are performing best/worst:

With ‘Roll Up’ reports we aggregate multiple ranking reports into an overview report and list all reports in a ‘Leader board’ so that you can easily see which clients are ranking the best or the worst.

See which clients have gained/lost the most:

Using ‘Roll Up’ reports you can quickly see which clients or locations have gained or lost rankings since their last report run. This makes it easy to spot trends and tackle any issues head on.

Rank Checker Roll Up Reports - 2Easy set-up & on the spot reporting:

As well as being easy to set-up, ‘Roll Up’ reports don’t require any scheduling. Everytime you access them they’ll automatically pull in the most recent rankings so that you have the latest results at your finger tips.


We hope you find this new feature to be useful, and we hope it helps to make your tasks of juggling all of your ranking reports much simpler. Watch the video, try out the reports, and let us know what you think.