New Feature: Report Creation Wizard

New Feature: Report Creation Wizard
Key Takeaways
  • BrightLocal's new Report Creation Wizard makes tracking local search data even easier
  • Set-up all your reports through 1 screen & and save tons of time & effort

New Feature: Report Creation Wizard

A number of our customers told us that they found it time consuming & frustrating to have to set up different reports (ranking, citation, reviews) individually. And we agree!

So we’ve just released a brand new feature which will save you time & lost-hair by letting you set-up your multiple reports all at 1 time.

We call it Report Creation Wizard – you might want to call it your new best friend!

What is the Report Creation Wizard?

Previously, you had to create each report one-by-one in each of our reporting tools. So if wanted multiple reports for a client (e.g. local ranking reports,  citation tracking reports, Google Business Profile reports) then it was a time-consuming and repetitive process to achieve this.

But now, setting up reports one-by-one is now a thing of the past!

Add a new Location & let Report Creation Wizard do the rest

The start point is the Location Dashboard.

When you add a new location you get prompted to start ‘Monitoring Data’. After that there are a few simple, guided steps.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

Once you’ve added a new Location, the Report Creation Wizard will walk you through your setup.

Report Creation Wizard
Report Creation Wizard will guide you through your report setup

Just use the check boxes to select which reports you want us to create for you:

Report Creation Wizard
Select which reports you want to set up (see highlighted)

After you’ve selected the reports you want to set up, you’ll just need to fill out some basic business information (just one time) to set the Report Creation Wizard in motion.

Depending on the reports you have chosen, this may include Location Data, Search Terms, Search Rank Settings and Advanced Location Data.

Report Creation Wizard
Enter some basic info, then let Report Creation Wizard do the rest

Then you’re done!

The great thing is, you now only need to enter this information once — rather than individually for each report. (This saves you time — so you can give your clients’ extra attention!)

Report Creation Wizard
Report Creation Wizard is busy setting up your reports

Currently this feature is only available when you setup a new location, but our team are working hard to add this functionality to existing Locations and make BrightLocal even more useful for you.

We hope you like this latest update and that it saves you valuable time.

If you have any feedback or questions, let us know in the chat box or comments section below.

Ross Marchant
About the author
Ross is the former Marketing Manager for BrightLocal. With 9+ years SEO and content experience, Ross spearheaded the marketing and CRM initiatives which focus heavily on creating useful and informative content. Ross coordinated the research program at BrightLocal which delivers unique insights into both the SEO industry and local consumer behaviours.