New: Track Competitor Search Rankings

New: Track Competitor Search Rankings

Today we have released a much demanded feature for our Local Rank Tracker tool – Competitor Rank Tracking!

You can track up to 4 competitors within each ranking report and competitor rankings are shown on an additional tab within each ranking report.

5 ‘Must Know’ Facts about Competitor Tracking

  • You can hand pick the competitors you want to track
  • Track up to 4 competitors per report
  • See side-by-side comparison of client vs. competitors
  • Compare Organic & Local results (not 3rd party)
  • Track 1 competitor for free – $10/month extra to track up to 4 competitors*

How to set-up up competitor tracking

Competitor tracking is only available in our ‘Saved’ reports and not in ‘Quick Search’ reports. To add competitors to a report you need to go to the Advanced Settings section on the add/edit report pages, and look for the Competitors tab.

With ‘Competitor Addon’

If you have purchased the competitor tracking addon (called LSRC-competitor tracking) which can be found in the Available Addons section (login required), then you can add 4 competitors of your choosing to each report. There is an additional fee of £10/month which enables you to track competitors on all your reports; so if you have 50 reports then the cost is only $0.20 per report.

LSRC competitor tracking with addon
Track up to 4 competitors on each report



Without ‘Competitor Addon’

If you do NOT have the Competitor Tracking add-on then you will see that you can add just 1 competitor to your report. Below the input fields you’ll see a blue prompt & button which allows you to purchase the competitor addon very easily.

No competitor track addon
Add extra competitors by purchasing ‘Competitor Addon’

Compare rankings side-by-side

In your report, we display your/your client rankings alongside competitors on a separate tab. This makes it easy to see how you perform against them.

Because of the amount of data in the Competitor report it’s not possible to display all 6 search engines on the same table at the same time. So you need to toggle between the tabs to view the different search engines.

See competitor search rankings
Quickly compare your rankings vs top competitors

Why is there a cost for competitor tracking?

We wanted to make competitor tracking available to all users but weren’t able to within current package prices. The act of identifying, tracking & storing the extra data generated in competitor tracking puts extra pressure on the margins we make. This makes it harder for us to invest in & support the service long term which is how long we plan to be around for!

So we’ve tried to be as democratic & generous as we can when setting the access & charges for competitor tracking. All customers on all packages can track 1 competitor for free. If you want to track more then there is a small fee of $10/month which covers all your ranking reports. So if you have 100 reports in your account the cost works out at $0.10 per report which isn’t much.

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