We have just made our unique Local Search Rank Checker tool even better!

We have added in a feature to the tool which enables you to track not 1, not 2 but 3 different websites in a single ranking report.

Using this feature you can track your main website domain but also other websites that you want to monitor – e.g. your blog, facebook page, youtube channel etc.

This feature is not designed to track competitor results but can be used for this – although the results for each domain are blended together in 1 report which is not ideal for competitor comparisons.

Track multiple websites in just two clicks

It is super easy to use this feature on new reports or to add to existing reports. Just use the clear, plus and minus signs to add/remove the URLs you want from your report.

Track Multiple Websites in Your Search Ranking Reports - 0

Note: This feature is only available on saved reports not the Quick Search tool.