Release date: 02.05.2012 (5th February 2012)

Tool: Local Search Rank Checker

We have updated the tool to enable rank checking for businesses who don’t have their own website but who do have a presence on Google Places, Yahoo Local & Bing Local.

We have added a tick-box just beneath the URL field. By checking this tick-box users are no longer required to enter a URL.

Image 1: Local Search Rank Checker, ad hoc tool

Local Search Rank Checker, adhoc tool


Image 2: Local Search Rank Checker, scheduled tool

Local Search Rank Checker, scheduled tool


Image 3: Extra fields needed – name, zipcode, phone number

When using this feature it is critical that you complete the additional fields which enable us to identify a business based on their name, zipcode & phone number.

Please ensure that these fields are completed correctly.

Local Search Rank Checker - Extra fields