NEW: Track Rankings Your Way with Blended and Unblended Reporting

NEW: Track Rankings Your Way with Blended and Unblended Reporting

With the new year comes a brand new way to monitor local search and organic rankings within BrightLocal’s Local Search Rank Checker.

Historically, we’ve combined organic and Local Pack rankings into a single display, but after plenty of consultation with customers, we’ve decided to provide the option to have these two types of rankings displayed using separate icons.

The primary reason for this new option is that we know many of you prefer the simplicity of displaying the first organic result as ‘Position 1’, especially when it comes to communicating this clearly to clients.

We’ve called these displays ‘Blended’ and ‘Unblended’, but that’s not all that’s been updated in Local Search Rank Checker (as you’ll see below).

The New Rankings Display Options


Local Pack rankings (letters and numbers 1-3) and organic rankings (numbers only) are displayed side by side, and the first organic ranking is shown as position 4, or 5 if a Knowledge Panel is present. This display system was designed to reflect the position of the ranking on the web page itself, rather than within its own rankings type.

Blended Rankings Display type

The ‘blended’ rankings display type

Unblended (new)

Local Pack rankings (letters) and organic rankings (numbers) are displayed separately, and the first organic ranking is shown as position 1. Google My Business (GMB) Knowledge Panels are presented with an icon only (more on this below).

Unblended rankings

The ‘unblended’ rankings display type

How do I change my Rankings Display type?

We’ve listened to our customers and have heard that a considerable majority prefer the new, unblended display, so we’ve decided to make this the default display setting for new customers.

Existing customers will see the following popup the next time they log in to BrightLocal and view a Local Search Rank Checker report. This gives them the option to select ‘Blended’ or ‘Unblended’ display.

The display option is not set in stone, though. You can always switch between the two types, and choose to make the change for individual locations or all at once. Read more on how to do this in our FAQ, ‘How do I change my display rankings results to Blended or Unblended?

What else has changed?

Another way we’re making ranking reports easier to understand is to make the presence of your locations’ GMB Knowledge Panel in the SERP instantly visible within the report. We now use an icon representing the Knowledge Panel’s top-right hand position on the page to signify this, as seen below.

Knowledge Panel

If the Knowledge Panel icon is visible in the ‘Rank’ column, this means that your business’ GMB Knowledge Panel appears in the SERP for this keyword.

This new icon is used in both unblended and blended rankings display styles.

What does this update mean for my Local Search Rank Checker reports?

We think this update makes Local Search Rank Checker reports a whole lot easier to understand at a glance and to get more immediate insights from, but ultimately the choice is yours.

If you choose to switch to the new unblended display, any reports you run afterwards will show the first organic ranking with a 1, whereas in previous reports this will have been shown with a 4 (or a 5 if a GMB Knowledge Panel was present in the SERP).

Find out more

We hope you’ll agree that understanding local business ranking changes and communicating them to clients is easier than ever before.

As part of this release we’ve updated all of our Help Center guides and FAQs to reflect the new display options, as well as publishing a few new FAQs to answer any questions you might have:

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