With the end of the year fast approaching, the BrightLocal team have been busy putting the finishing touches on a number of important tool updates. Not only have we just released a duplicate checker for Google My Business, but we’ve also released a major design update for Local Search Rank Checker, focusing on a cleaner & more responsive reporting experience.

Responsive designs for ranking reports

Our new rank checker designs will make reporting to clients a much better experience!

The new look reports are more responsive, meaning you & your clients can view your ranking reports on desktop, tablet & mobile devices. We have also tidied up the interface and significantly improved the PDF designs.

This update has just been released today (Wednesday), so feel free to go & explore your reports & give us some feedback. We’d love to hear it!

  1. Cleaner, Responsive Rankings Chart & Table

Updated Designs for Local Search Rank Checker - 0

2. Great visual Tracker Chart

Updated Designs for Local Search Rank Checker - 1

3. Easy-to-read Aggregate Rankings Chart

Updated Designs for Local Search Rank Checker - 2

3. Clear Competitor Ranking Comparison

Updated Designs for Local Search Rank Checker - 3

4. Awesome PDF Reports

Updated Designs for Local Search Rank Checker - 4

More Rank Checker updates coming soon…

This update is the first of many that we’re bringing to the Local Search Rank Checker. Here’s what you can expect to see added over the next few weeks:

  • Starred keywords 

You’ll be able to star your favorite keywords & have them automatically appear at the top of your reports.

  • Localized, keyword query volumes

See how many monthly search queries each of your keywords receives in your town, city or even zipcode

  • Track new Google ‘Paid-Local’ pack

Google is rolling out their Home Services Ads to more cities & industries. We will start tracking visibility of local business within these paid-pack results by tracking both URL & call-tracking numbers.

  • Add competitors directly in reports

Benchmarking yourself against competitors is important. You will be able to add new competitors from right within your report saving you time & effort in tracking competitor performance

  • Add extra keywords directly in report

Quickly add new keywords into your report so you can build out your reports more easily.