New Feature: SERP Screenshots for Local Ranking Reports

New Feature: SERP Screenshots for Local Ranking Reports

We’ve just added screenshot functionality to the Local Rank Tracker. With this new feature you can view a screenshot of the SERP that we’ve used to determine your search ranking.

This will help you to diagnose any potential ranking issues & changes, as well as keeping an eye on which competitors are ranking above and below you.

This feature is available now for all BrightLocal users. You’ll just need to activate it in your account.

How to activate SERP screenshots

To activate the screenshot feature you’ll need to click the ‘photo icon’ on the main page of the Local Rank Tracker (see image below).

SERP for Local Ranking Report
Activate your screenshots by clicking the photo image

Following this you’ll be directed to a screen where you can select the search engines that you wish to track screenshots for (see image below).

SERP Screenshots
You can select which search engines you want to grab screenshots for

One you’re in the ranking report, you can then click on your position to bring up the ‘more info’ box. This allows you to ‘View Search Results Page’, ‘View Landing Page’ & ‘View Serp Screenshot‘.

SERP for Local Ranking Reports
Now click ‘View SERP Screenshot’

All you need to do is click on View Serp Screenshot & it’ll open in a new window for you. You can then zoom in and out, save the image, or send the URL to a client / colleague.

SERP for Local Ranking Reports
View the SERP screenshot that shows how we determined your ranking

We currently save your screenshots for 45 days before deleting them, enabling you to visualise any monthly to month changes.

Give the new feature a try and let us know what you think!

Ross Marchant
About the author
Ross is the former Marketing Manager for BrightLocal. With 9+ years SEO and content experience, Ross spearheaded the marketing and CRM initiatives which focus heavily on creating useful and informative content. Ross coordinated the research program at BrightLocal which delivers unique insights into both the SEO industry and local consumer behaviours.