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ClikTru is an agency specializing in local internet marketing for legal firms, lawyers and attorneys. While the majority of their clients are criminal defence attorneys who specialize in DUI, they also work with personal injury attorneys and other criminal defence attorneys.

About ClikTru

Since being founded in 2008, ClikTru has focused specifically on local search marketing for the legal industry, providing local SEO services to clients across the USA. They pride themselves on their results and fairness: before agreeing to take on a client, they do their research and make sure they’re not already currently working with a lawyer or law firm in that area, to avoid conflicts of interest.

This dedication to research is shown throughout their work. By gaining a full understanding of their clients’ local markets, ClikTru are able to pinpoint the keywords and other elements that are most likely to help their clients stand out in search – the kinds of things that those with only a cursory knowledge of the market might miss.

Because of BrightLocal saving us the time that it has, we’ve been able to bring on double the amount of clients.
Stacey Darabos, Director of Operations, ClikTru

The Challenge

With local SEO as ClikTru’s core focus, lots of time was being spent on regularly researching new directories for the legal profession, as well as manually submitting citations to these sites. Then there was the manual searching in Google, taking screenshots and entering details into a spreadsheet. It was a long, laborious process and made it difficult for the agency to grow.

ClikTru’s Director of Operations, Stacey Darabos tells us that she used to spend:

  • 3-4 hours building a rank report for a single location, client, and practice area (e.g. DUI, personal injury)
  • 2 hours researching legal citation sites per week
  • 3-4 hours training new staff to build citations (and these staff could build 3-4 citations per hour)

Stacey looked for tools that could help the business become more efficient, but at the time there was nothing on the market with a local SEO focus, and the broad application of Moz just wasn’t cost-effective. “We were so local, so small-business, that we couldn’t find tools that would drill down enough,” she says.

The Solution

ClikTru noticed BrightLocal right from the start, and recognized that here was the local SEO-focused tool they were looking for. “The focus on localization, along with the cost-effectiveness, was the biggest draw,” Stacey says.

In Citation Builder (BrightLocal’s citation service offering accurate citation building, manual citation clean-up, and local data aggregator distribution) Stacey found a way of completely removing the time and headaches associated with building citations. Gone were the hours-long training sessions and the admins tasked with manually processing directory entries, and out the door went the long time spent pulling rank reports one by one.

Additionally, BrightLocal’s automated Ranking Reports was a clear choice of tool for quickly, easily and accurately reporting on ranking change for priority keywords to ClikTru’s clients.

BrightLocal’s Local Search Audit now enables Stacey to view all her critical local SEO KPIs on one page at a glance.

BrightLocal Tools Used

The Results

The effect that using BrightLocal has had on the business cannot be underestimated. Using CitationBurst alone, Stacey says ClikTru have saved over 60 hours per month, and that’s had a huge knock-on effect on the agency’s growth:

“Because of BrightLocal saving us the time that it has, we’ve been able to bring on double the amount on clients,” she says.

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