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How a small web design and SEO agency wins new business with BrightLocal

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Mark Mitchell, Owner, Colorado Internet Solutions
"I've used BrightLocal for over 5 years with my small agency in Denver, Colorado, and have found it to be an excellent tool to help manage my clients' websites and SEO health."
Mark Mitchell, Owner, Colorado Internet Solutions

From contract-free client relationships to clean, fast-loading and mobile responsive website designs, simplicity is at the heart of everything that Colorado Internet Solutions does. This website design, SEO, and social media services agency deals with 80+ US-based clients – impressive considering the team is six-strong!

For their small business clientele, CIS focuses on creating marketing programs with economical options that are designed to keep their services affordable without sacrifice. Their aim is to keep their clients ahead of the game, while taking into serious consideration the elements that are relevant to site ranking and optimization in their market. This focus on affordability without compromise is a key factor in their partnership with BrightLocal’s offerings.


Expensive platforms and unnecessary data

Prior to switching to BrightLocal, CIS was using a different SEO platform for their reporting, and aside from the fact that it was delivering far too much unnecessary information that their clients couldn’t understand, it was costing them nearly $10,000 per year. The platform just didn’t focus on the niche requirements of local businesses enough and this price was proving hard to justify.

CIS also used a separate tool for citation building, and it soon became cumbersome having to deal with multiple platforms for SEO management.


A dedicated and cost-efficient local SEO platform

CIS were “blown away” when they started using BrightLocal’s Local Rank Tracker. The less expensive, more “friendly”, and more locally focused reporting system was a much better fit for their and their clients’ needs. The ability to white-label reports meant that they could start really owning the results they were delivering to clients.

Not only was using BrightLocal a benefit to their clients, but CIS was able to use the ranking reports and Citation Tracker to prospect and win new clients. Using these tools to show gaps in visibility and business listings really helped potential clients understand the ways their online presences could be improved.

Oh, and that separate citation building tool they were having to deal with? Once CIS found that BrightLocal offered Citation Builder (BrightLocal’s citation building, manual citation clean-up, and local data aggregator distribution service) along with everything else, they were over the moon.


Over $6,000 saved

CIS moved from using an unwieldy, expensive SEO reporting platform and a separate citation building tool to BrightLocal’s all-in-one system, and they see the benefits daily.

  • At least 20% of new business won with the help of the BrightLocal toolset
  • $6,000 saved per year on local SEO reporting

“I’ve used BrightLocal for over 5 years with my small agency in Denver, Colorado, and have found it to be an excellent tool to help manage my clients’ websites and SEO health.” – Mark Mitchell, Owner, Colorado Internet Solutions

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