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How a digital marketing agency used Local Search Grid to double their clients’ inbound calls

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Adrian Lefler, Vice President, My Social Practice
“BrightLocal’s support is awesome, and that’s always a big plus when you’re an enterprise organization with lots of clients who have tons of questions and need constant support."
Adrian Lefler, Vice President, My Social Practice

My Social Practice is a digital marketing agency for dental practitioners and other medical professionals. They offer social media marketing, website design, local SEO, and reputation management. They’ve been in business since 2010 and have used the BrightLocal reporting tools for several years.


To help dental clients understand what they’ve purchased and how to measure results

My Social Practice works with thousands of dentists and provides those client practices with dental marketing services, training, and support. Most of these dental practices do not understand digital marketing tactics and strategies. This has led to a challenge for the agency, with a need to help their dental and medical client practices understand what they’ve purchased and how to measure the results.

“How do you explain to a dentist how local SEO rankings and the Google Business Profile works?” asks Adrian. “When it gets to the Google Maps ranking process, the location factors, and the intricacies of the search algorithm, it’s really complicated. There’s a lot of confusing information about digital marketing, especially dental SEO and how to rank higher in Google Maps. I knew we had to provide an SEO report that was super simple to understand, otherwise clients get confused and they cancel.”

That’s when he started to research online reporting tools for local SEO. Adrian said, “I was looking for a simple report that would explain at a very basic level what our clients were paying for and the benefits, then if they wanted to go into more detail we could handle those questions individually and dive deeper.”

Adrian and the team at My Social Practice also needed to understand where a particular client was losing position in their local area on the Google map. If they could understand where a dentist fell off the first page of local search rankings they could use that data to create hyper-local content to target those specific neighborhoods and boost rankings.

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Using Local Search Grid for both client reporting, and directing strategy

Adrian started to use BrightLocal’s Local Search Grid to help solve the problem of both client reporting, and directing the content strategy. “When Local Search Grid came out, we were the first ones to jump on it. You don’t have to explain to your client how local SEO works — you just look at the grid report and it makes sense.”

“We used the grid report initially by looking at where our client was losing position from the first page. We would focus in on neighborhoods and what’s going on in those areas, and write copy about those areas to try and target a particular place. You can’t do that without a grid report, because you don’t know where they’re starting to lose their position. We needed a report that would direct our team on what content to write about.”

“A second benefit with the grid report, was that we could show our clients before and after reports  and they knew what was going on.” 

Adrian Lefler, Vice President, My Social Practice
“Trying to align everything was a lot easier when we moved to using BrightLocal reporting and the grid report. All of a sudden everyone was looking at the same information."
Adrian Lefler, Vice President, My Social Practice

Click-to-call from Maps doubled

In terms of client success, Adrian shared that he “did a few case studies. Once the SEO optimization began, and we were using the grid report to direct the content we’d developed. We saw a doubling of phone calls, all coming from Google Maps. The click-to-call report in Maps doubled — which is a massive uptick for a dentist!” 

Adrian also discusses how it’s difficult to keep everybody in the team focussed on one thing. “Trying to align everything was a lot easier when we moved to using BrightLocal reporting and the grid report. All of a sudden everyone was looking at the same information, the Google Business Profile Audit report, the Local Search Grid report, and the Citation Tracker report. The simplicity of reporting back to the client, creates the same simplicity for your own team and streamlines everything.

“We saved a lot of time, a lot of energy by using the BrightLocal tools,” he explains. “It helps our team direct the product, and it is super easy for our clients to understand what’s going on.

On average our clients stay with us for several years, and the reporting from BrightLocal is a big part of that.” 

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