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How a boutique local SEO agency grew its multi-location client's traffic by 28%

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Matt Jackman, Owner, Stay Digital SEO
"BrightLocal allows me to maximize my time so I can deliver more for my clients."
Matt Jackman, Owner, Stay Digital SEO

Stay Digital SEO is a boutique local SEO agency that works with clients to understand their business, assess their competition, and develop a transparent strategy that’s designed to deliver results.

Based in Newcastle, Australia, Stay Digital SEO helps local businesses to optimize their online presence and rank well within Google Maps and the organic Google results for the Newcastle area. The agency offers a range of services, from website optimization and local citation building, to backlink generation and local content creation.

“Our primary goal is to help local service businesses be discovered online,” explains Stay Digital SEO owner, Matt Jackman. “The great thing about this goal for local businesses is that there are lots of specific levers to pull in a way that generates tangible results. I do all of the work myself, which means that I need to automate a lot of the processes to save time and allow me to give my clients the maximum impact.”

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Time-consuming solo citation building

A lot of the companies that Stay Digital SEO works with don’t have citations when they first come on board, so this is one of the first tasks that Matt tackles.

“One of our first clients, Houseproud (a franchise cleaning brand with more than 80 locations across Australia) has had their website for twenty years and it was doing really well, but then they started to lose out to their competition. When I ran a local SEO audit for them, I found that they had no Google Business Profiles for their individual franchises and no citations in place to identify the individual franchise locations that they operated in,” says Matt. “So that was really low hanging fruit in terms of things that I could do to help boost their online presence and outrank the competition. However, a citation building project for a franchise was going to take considerable time, especially if I was to tackle it alone.”


Affordable citation building and shareable reports

Matt began looking for a citation building solution but he also wanted a platform that could help him grow and scale outside of just citations.

Matt says: “I knew I would want to be able to do other local SEO activities like keyword tracking, so what drew me to BrightLocal is that it not only has affordable local citation building services compared to other companies on the market, but it has a suite of local SEO tools as well as a white-label dashboard. All this allows me to not only build citations easily and at scale, but I can also show my clients the progress we’re making via a link that they can access any time. The results are displayed in easy to digest graphs and charts, with my branding attached which keeps it all looking slick and professional.

For example, lots of people believe they’re ranking well in their local area but when I dig deeper using BrightLocal’s Local Search Grid tool I can show them a more detailed picture of how they’re actually ranking in their neighbourhood versus their competitors. Being able to visually show this to clients makes a big difference in how they understand and engage with the data.”

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Matt Jackman, Owner, Stay Digital SEO
"If you’re thinking of using BrightLocal I’d highly recommend signing up for their free trial and exploring which of their local SEO tools can grow with you the best. I did and I haven’t looked back."
Matt Jackman, Owner, Stay Digital SEO

Significant time and money saved

Matt noticed a 28% increase in organic sessions for Houseproud after the Citation Builder campaign with BrightLocal was complete. But that hasn’t been the only benefit of working with BrightLocal, Matt explains:

“BrightLocal allows me to maximize my time so I can deliver more for my clients. For example, in month one, I can kick things off with a client and say I’ve built 30 citations for you this month but they don’t know that I’m working with BrightLocal and that they have done all the execution for me. This means I have time to prepare for the next month and do some more in-depth analysis on the website and start working on content, allowing me to get ahead of the program while still delivering really high-quality important results to the client in the early stages.”

Matt’s also been making the most of the freedom and ease of being able to update listings for clients when needed. He explains:

“Once a Citation Builder campaign is complete I get logins, passwords, and links to live listings. So if I ever do need to go back and modify things, I can do that quite easily. Plus they’re all stored in the dashboard and not in some excel file that was sent over in an email that I’ve got to dig through 2000 emails to try and find.

If you’re thinking of using BrightLocal I’d highly recommend signing up for their free trial and exploring which of their local SEO tools can grow with you the best. I did and I haven’t looked back.”

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