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How a digital marketing agency saved 60% on citation expenses, plus 145% of their time each month

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Kenny Cruz, SEO Director, LassoMD
"Moving from a subscription model with Yext to pay-as-you-go with BrightLocal has saved us 60% on monthly expenses, as well as considerable stress and anxiety."
Kenny Cruz, SEO Director, LassoMD

LassoMD focuses on bringing innovative patient acquisition techniques to the dental industry. Their aim is to transform patient lead flow into effortless revenue for dental practices.

Their service-based platform enables simple and repeatable patient growth through marketing services, communication software, and patient analytics. By managing all stages of patient acquisition, from website design and marketing to ROI analysis, their suite of services develops a sustainable growth model for their clients.

Kenny Cruz, SEO Director explains: “We offer a wide breadth of services from website design and creation, to content creation, social, PPC and SEO. But what really makes us stand out is our ability to link content creation full-cycle, from lead generation to marketing ROI. Our mission is to be as transparent as possible, giving practices the data that they actually need to succeed as a business.”


Expensive citation building and lost clients

Citations are a core part of the packages that the LassoMD team offers their clients. They were using Yext to help create and manage citations, but after some time they began having issues and felt that they were paying too much for ineffective services.

“We had a lot of difficulty working with the team at Yext, to the point where a client ended up leaving us because that was a pain point for them,” explains Kenny. “When you’re measured on client retention, like we are, that’s not good. So, as far as the customer service was concerned, I feel that we were neglected, which ultimately cost us the client.”

As a result, Kenny and the team decided to explore other options. They wanted a solution that was more cost-effective, had better customer service and would help save them time. That’s when they discovered BrightLocal’s local Citation Builder service.

“We chose BrightLocal for their price point and their confident, hands-on approach,” says Kenny. “We felt that they would be easier to work with than Yext and so far we haven’t been disappointed!”


Improved services and client retention

Since moving over to BrightLocal, the team at LassoMD hasn’t looked back.

“We were worried about how the migration from Yext to BrightLocal would go in terms of creating problems or our clients, especially during the pandemic” describes Kenny. “But after we sent the first batch and experienced how straightforward the process was, those worries just went away.”

Kenny continues: “We haven’t had any client-facing issues since we moved over to BrightLocal. Anytime we’ve had any sort of problem, the team has always been able to resolve it quickly and leave the client in a good place. We had a client who had a lot of manual listings that got flagged for inaccuracies, but once BrightLocal looked at it we realized they were just duplicates and were able to resolve the situation quickly.”

Kenny Cruz, SEO Director, LassoMD
"Being able to tap into the knowledge and expertise on the BrightLocal Citations team at any time has and continues to be very so reassuring."
Kenny Cruz, SEO Director, LassoMD

Significant time and money saved

Day-to-day, the team at LassoMD has saved significant hours and money by switching over to BrightLocal’s Citation Builder service, and the work environment has also drastically improved.

“Moving from a subscription model with Yext to pay-as-you-go with BrightLocal has saved us 60% on monthly expenses, as well as considerable stress and anxiety,” says Kenny. “Not only is the pricing at BrightLocal fairer and within the range of what our company needs, but the team at BrightLocal has been great, in contrast to a lot of the issues we were having at Yext. The team is much more proactive at checking in, and especially helpful when we’re working through any issues with client citations.

“We’ve got back 145% of our time each month, which is huge, and we’re constantly growing as a result of this. It’s enabled us to be more flexible and persistent with our work and also allowed us to be better partners for our clients. We would definitely be in a worse place than we are now if we hadn’t made the change.”

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