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How a industry-leading franchise business got back 350 working hours per year

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Karen Vick, Internet Marketing Manager, PuroClean
"Things have become far easier since we started using BrightLocal’s citation service. We're able to easily bring on board our new franchise owners and new offices, as well as make updates for existing clients."
Karen Vick, Internet Marketing Manager, PuroClean

PuroClean is an industry-leading franchise system for emergency property damage remediation, headquartered in Florida. Describing itself aptly as ‘the Paramedics of Property Damage,’ the company specializes in helping families and businesses overcome the devastating setbacks caused by water, fire and smoke, mold, biohazards, and other conditions resulting in property damage.

Founded in 2001, PuroClean now has over 360 franchise locations across the USA and Canada that provide 24-hour emergency restoration services.

Karen Vick is the Internet Marketing Manager at PuroClean home office, and part of her responsibilities is to support the marketing efforts of each location and to drive the localized face of the brand forward.

“Whether it be through technical SEO, GMB optimization, online listings, or paid advertising campaigns, it’s the PuroClean marketing team’s responsibility to improve the performance of all our ‘clients’ in a consistent and sustainable way,” explains Karen.


Lack of time and consistency

One of the PuroClean marketing team’s struggles was to get all franchise locations on the same page and bought into their structured, consistent Local SEO initiatives. Being a small team meant having to commit additional time to overcome this challenge, and so other key functions of the marketing team weren’t receiving the attention they needed.

Understanding NAP when it comes to SEO around local business listings were one of the key areas the team knew they needed to improve but simply didn’t have the time to address. Also, because Local SEO efforts were a new concept to the business, the scale and scope of the challenge was largely unknown.

This challenge led the PuroClean marketing team to begin looking at available resources, which is why they decided to explore BrightLocal.

“I loved the emails that I was receiving from BrightLocal and the rich content that was linked to in the Bright Ideas blog. BrightLocal really highlighted to me the importance of Google My Business and helped me understand what needed to be implemented to guide our franchise owners. So, when we kept trying and failing to get the franchise owners to build on their citations, we decided to see if BrightLocal could help,” explains Karen.


Bespoke Citation Package

The marketing team at PuroClean looked at BrightLocal’s Citation Builder service, and they soon realized that the custom, modern, and results-driven approach BrightLocal offers would be a good fit. After all, as Karen says: “Every local area has their own set of challenges that have to be met, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.”

After meeting with the team at PuroClean, BrightLocal began building a bespoke citation package based on where the company’s local data was stored, being found, and where it was circulated. This custom list, like all BrightLocal enterprise campaigns, targeted a completely unique online business profile for PuroClean, publishing on platforms that are actually relevant to the business.

“Things have become far easier since we started using BrightLocal’s citation service. We’re able to easily bring on board our new franchise owners and new offices, as well as make updates for existing clients. Also, when we have franchises that exit the system, we’re able to go in and make changes quickly because all citations are in one place and provides us with even more opportunity to assist franchise owners who are busy serving their communities,” says Karen.

“We had never done a large-scale campaign like this before, so branching out into new territory was a daunting move to make. However, having these listings out there has brought traffic to our local offices and even the corporate site as well. It’s been a big help in moving our brand forward.”

Karen Vick, Internet Marketing Manager, PuroClean
"We’ve also been able to use those extra hours to take on more franchises and help them to succeed."
Karen Vick, Internet Marketing Manager, PuroClean

Increased organic traffic, hours, and communication

Since the original Citation Builder campaign began, PuroClean has seen a 130% increase in organic sessions year on year, grown its location count astronomically, improved the interaction between franchise owners and the marketing team, and got over 350 working hours back a year into the department.

With those reclaimed 350 working hours, PuroClean has been able to refocus its expertise into additional areas of Local SEO to help drive the brand forwards further.

Karen explains: “It has allowed us to put those hours back into our one on ones, with franchises that are actually needing additional attention and to provide them with the extra time that they need. We’ve also been able to use those extra hours to take on more franchises and help them to succeed. That’s what this is about; really making sure that everybody has the same opportunities and the same shot at being successful.”

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