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How a digital marketing agency grew their client's traffic by 205% with BrightLocal

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Increase on organic traffic for one client.
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Oliver Sissons, SEO Manager, Reboot Online
"BrightLocal is one of the best SEO tools because of how simple and intuitive it is and the amazing communication from the team. We’ll continue to recommend it to friends and colleagues in the local SEO industry.”
Oliver Sissons, SEO Manager, Reboot Online

If there’s one thing to know about Reboot Online, a digital marketing agency based in London, it’s that they work at a speed that is incomparable to any other in their industry.

Through a blend of technical SEO, digital PR, and content marketing, their 40-strong team of in-house digital marketing specialists (who speak nine different languages including Russian, Spanish, Romanian, and Japanese) aims to help brands become more recognizable and dominate SERPs.

Over the years they’ve developed one of the best digital PR processes in the UK. Their unique in-house strategies allow them to land coverage in the most prestigious and powerful online publications at scale.

The team works with a variety of brands, including big names such as Uswitch and Just Eat. Oliver Sissons, SEO Manager, explains:

“Our main mission is to get the brands that we work with recognized, and to improve their position in search results. To fulfill this mission we do a lot of link earning, technical clean-ups, and content work. We earn links by creating data-driven campaigns as well as research that we share with journalists. We ensure that source code is clean and tidy so Google can effectively crawl and understand the site. And if the content isn’t as high-quality as it needs to be, we research what it should look like and how it should be structured, and then write it for clients as well.”

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Ineffective and slow citation services

The team at Reboot Online has multiple local SEO clients who need to grow their organic search visibility. A huge part of this is cleaning up citation profiles and growing online footprints.

“Originally we noticed that a lot of clients had inconsistent citation profiles, such as old addresses and phone numbers from when they’d moved offices. So we knew that Google would be getting confused about who they actually were or where they were based. This prompted us to start looking for ways to quickly and easily fix these things.” describes Oliver.

They tested several approaches, including other citation services and even manual submissions using Excel spreadsheets. All of these proved to be too slow and time-consuming, ineffective, or both.

They needed a solution that could consistently deliver a quality service at scale, but didn’t require a lot of time to get up-and-running, and still allowed them to remain in control.

Enter BrightLocal.


Fast, efficient citation building and management

“We read about the BrightLocal suite of tools in SEO forums, and heard through word of mouth that they could be a good solution. The simple ordering process, quality reporting, and intuitive project management dashboard instantly appealed to us,” says Oliver.

After trialing BrightLocal’s Citation Builder service, the team at Reboot Online knew it was something they would be using on client campaigns, as well as for their own site.

“When we’re targeting local areas where competition is high, the competitors will have 50 – 100 citation profiles in various directories, and will have really carved out their online footprint. Google and other search engines will know exactly who they are and where they’re based.

BrightLocal helps us do this for our clients quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We can tell them exactly where they’re going to be published, when they might be published, and show them any existing live listings, which is extremely helpful for both us and them.

We’ve even had cases where the team at BrightLocal has gone out of it’s way to ensure the information we’re submitting for our clients is correct. For example, a client might’ve sent us an address but not in the way it should be presented as a citation, and the BrightLocal team has emailed us to say ‘we’re happy to build this, but is this correct?’”

Oliver also claims that BrightLocal’s Citation Tracker tool, which helps them to spot duplicate listings, has been a “lifesaver”.

“Sometimes finding duplicates can be a pain when relying on manual checks and search operators,” says Oliver. “Also, the ability to update citations at scale saves a huge amount of time. This means we can focus on other areas of the SEO campaign and deliver significantly better results to the client. Our citation building processes have been streamlined 100-fold and are now near-enough automated thanks to BrightLocal.”

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Oliver Sissons, SEO Manager, Reboot Online
"Our citation building processes have been streamlined 100-fold and are now near-enough automated thanks to BrightLocal.”
Oliver Sissons, SEO Manager, Reboot Online

Increased organic traffic for clients

Over the past 12 months, the team at Reboot Online has increased organic traffic for one local waste collection company by 195%, and another client in the cleaning industry by 205%.“This is in large part due to the work that BrightLocal allowed us to carry out,” explains Oliver.

In terms of improving their agency, BrightLocal has freed up their time to focus on other things: “We can put the time saved into things like business development, addressing other problem areas on client sites, and more comprehensive reporting.”

With the help of BrightLocal’s suite of tools, they’ve also been able to rank clients for some of the industry’s most competitive local keywords. So after this success, what’s next for Reboot Online and BrightLocal?

Oliver says he’s keen to trial BrightLocal’s Reputation Manager tool and see how it could feed into their campaigns. But for now, they think: “BrightLocal is one of the best SEO tools because of how simple and intuitive it is and the amazing communication from the team. We’ll continue to recommend it to friends and colleagues in the local SEO industry.”

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