How BrightLocal helped drive immediate success for a solo venture

Fait Creative Content
Fait Creative Content
Fait Creative Content provides content marketing consulting and SEO services for small and mid-sized businesses.

About Fait Creative Content

Fait Creative Content offers content marketing and SEO services for small and mid-sized businesses.

They serve even the tiniest of companies and pride themselves on being a cost-effective option for anyone that needs help generating digital traffic through content marketing and SEO.

As ethical marketers, they don’t believe in manufacturing fear to make sales and are committed to working with businesses that make the world a better place.

So, whether a business needs a content plan that converts, help to get their website in line with SEO best practices, or someone to just write and manage their content, Fait is there to help. They educate and empower their clients with results-oriented, data-driven strategies that can open the door to unprecedented growth.



Fait Creative Content
“I ran to find my boyfriend in the next room and said, ‘I’ve found something that’s going to save me!’ That’s exactly what BrightLocal has been: a real lifesaver.”
Rosanna Chipkin, Founder, Fait Creative Content

The Challenge

Starting a Content Marketing Business (during a pandemic, no less!)

When Rosanna Chipkin left her 10-year career in construction, she did it partly to find a better work-life balance but also to pursue the dream of owning her own content marketing business. 

When she started to build Fait Creative Content in February 2020 – “a very interesting time to start a business!” – what quickly became apparent to her was the lack of knowledge her clients (primarily small, female-led/owned businesses in the creative industries) have about local SEO and the important role it plays in effective content marketing. 

“There are so many small businesses out there that are creating lots of content but not even thinking about how they’re ranking for search,” explains Rosanna. “They’re prioritizing Instagram or another type of social media and not making sure that people can actually find them on Google, which puts them at a huge disadvantage. These are the people that I want to help.”

Rosanna knew that offering local SEO services to her clients was important to both their success and hers, but she also knew how time-consuming effective local SEO can be:

“I had the realization that it was going to take up so much of my time to offer the supplementary SEO services that are so important, and that this meant I wouldn’t be able to focus as much on the content marketing side. Then I stumbled across BrightLocal.”

The Solution

Saving Time and Showing Value

Rosanna came across BrightLocal while doing some research into possible citation sites for a client. She was feeling overwhelmed with the task, especially when combined with other work on her plate, and she just couldn’t believe her luck: “I ran to find my boyfriend in the next room and said, ‘I’ve found something that’s going save me!’ That’s exactly what BrightLocal has been: a real lifesaver.”

Before using BrightLocal, Rosanna had always performed local SEO audits and citation building manually, a process she admits was  “an endeavor”.

Shortly after adopting BrightLocal, she began to save time by using tools such as Local Search Audit, Citation Builder, and Reputation Manager, each of which automates a lot of the processes that she had been laboring over. 

“The Citation Builder service is huge for me. It makes things so quick and so easy. I also really like Reputation Manager: being able to see at a glance where a client is sitting amongst the competition is amazing because, honestly, doing that manually just takes so much time,” she says.

Rosanna is also able to visually demonstrate to clients the value and importance of local SEO with customizable and shareable reports that allow for her business to truly own its results through white-labeled branding.

“My clients are always super-impressed with the live reports that I send them, and find them so useful. I was on a video call with a client the other day and I pulled up her Local Search Audit report to show her where’s she was sitting among her competitors and that alone helped her to realize that she needed more reviews if she was going to outrank them.”

BrightLocal Tools Used

The Results

Client Success and Future Plans

Rosanna’s seeing great success by using BrightLocal for her clients so far. 

“I used BrightLocal to help me make decisions about what to optimize for my most recent client’s website and showed her my plan. As soon as the optimization was done, she started ranking for two of her keywords. I think she was a little skeptical until then. She’d spent hundreds of hours promoting stuff via Instagram and had got nothing back.

“I used Citation Builder for another client and they soon jumped from position 14 to position 8 in the Local Pack for their most important keyword, which I don’t think would’ve happened so quickly with the site optimization that I’d done for her alone. I believe the citations really helped.”

So, what does the future look like for Fait Creative Content?

“Long term, I’m looking to find clients that I can work with to manage their local SEO full time. I’d also like to expand my client base further afield and start working with restaurants. I see BrightLocal as being vital to helping me succeed.

“There’s just so much thought put into every single thing in the platform and the way BrightLocal runs their business. Everyone that I’ve spoken at BrightLocal to has been so friendly, helpful, and responsive. As a small business, I particularly appreciate that. After all, I’m just one person. BrightLocal has really just saved me.”

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