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How one specialist dental marketing agency is creating and delivering outstanding marketing strategies for its clients

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Geoffrey Taylor, SEO Consultant, Pain-Free Dental Marketing
“BrightLocal frees us up to be more strategic for our clients. Great tool, great price, great customer service!”
Geoffrey Taylor, SEO Consultant, Pain-Free Dental Marketing

Pain-Free Dental Marketing believes in creating custom, data-driven marketing strategies for their clients. By doing this, they are able to give their clients high-valued patients who stay with the practice for life.

Their approach is to pull data from various patient management systems to create a profile of the client’s ideal patient. They also use census data to determine the demographics of potential patients. The strategy team then combine all of this data to create a customized marketing plan that fits the client’s practice.

As campaigns start to run, they track the results and stay in sync with clients to quickly determine what is working best and what needs adjustments. Not only do they keep in constant communication with dentists, but they also stay in touch with the front desk and office managers making sure that everyone understands and believes in the plan. This, they say, is how they get results.

A dentist shouldn’t have to worry about becoming a marketing expert so they can grow their practice; they should be free to focus on running an efficient business and providing excellent treatment for their patients. That’s the philosophy at Pain-Free Dental Marketing.

As a dental marketing agency, their goal is to take care of everything related to marketing a practice, so dentists can focus on what they do best.

“We understand that every dental office and practice location is unique, so their dental marketing plans need to be unique as well,” explains Geoffrey Taylor, SEO Consultant at Pain-Free Dental Marketing.

“Our approach is simple: no magic silver bullets, no over-hyped promises, just discipline and rigor every day to put “cheeks in seats”.

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Creating custom, data-driven marketing strategies quickly

The creation and delivery of custom, data-driven marketing strategies has always been crucial to Pain-Free Dental Marketing’s success. However, getting the local SEO portion of the data needed to build them was proving tricky and time-consuming.

They were also struggling with ways to present the improvements they were making for clients to demonstrate their success.

“We know that SEO can be a hard thing to grasp in the dental field, so when clients ask us ‘How’s my SEO doing?’ we need a quick and clear way to show them the progress we’re making over time.”

When Pain-Free Dental Marketing first launched, they used Google Analytics as their primary source of truth, but they encountered some teething problems. They couldn’t track how specific search terms were ranking in order to translate their performance into actionable steps in the marketing plan.

They adopted other tools, such as SEMrush and Moz, to help fill the cavities in citation profiles and find and fix technical issues on client websites. But these tools took up a lot of time, and the costs were mounting, so they decided to look for a different solution.

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Uncomplicated rank tracking, shareable reports, and inexpensive tools

“We started looking for something that offered uncomplicated, automated tracking, simple client reporting that’s easy to share, and inexpensive citation creation,” explains Geoffrey. “As an SEO expert, I was attracted to several things about BrightLocal: the ability to track data over long periods of time; a single dashboard that can be shared with a client via URL; and the relative inexpensiveness of the tools available.”

As well as making use of BrightLocal’s cost-effective local citation building services, Geoffrey and his colleagues rely on a number of BrightLocal features to save time and gather the information they need to build effective dental marketing strategies for their clients.

The team uses BrightLocal’s automated Local Search Audit report to help them identify optimization opportunities in minutes. Beyond this, they use Google Business Profile Audit to uncover competitors’ presences on key listings sites and the Keyword Tracker Chart to show rank improvements in Google and Google Maps over time.

Geoffrey Taylor, SEO Consultant, Pain-Free Dental Marketing
“Ultimately, BrightLocal frees up our hands so we aren’t manually pulling data but have the time to work in other areas of marketing for our clients.”
Geoffrey Taylor, SEO Consultant, Pain-Free Dental Marketing

Significant time and money saved

This time-saving and pain-free approach to developing marketing strategies has had a huge impact on growing their client’s practices. In one example typical of their work, they successfully helped one dental practice increase production by 57% over three years and double the number of new patients over the same time period. “Our clients are now regularly having record months in terms of performance,” says Geoffrey.

“Ultimately, BrightLocal frees up our hands so we aren’t manually pulling data but have the time to work in other areas of marketing for our clients,” says Geoffrey. “It’s another multi-tool we can get out of our grab bag when looking for areas we can expand and work on for our clients, allowing us more time to be strategic with the data provided.”

Other BrightLocal features also play key roles in helping the team to share performance updates with clients and keep them in the loop. These include white-labeled reporting and customizable dashboards that can be shared via a link or downloaded and shared via a PDF.

“Just telling someone that their rankings went up one month then down the next isn’t very helpful,” explains Geoffrey. “However, showing them their long-term progress is, and with BrightLocal we can do just that.”

“BrightLocal frees us up to be more strategic for our clients. Great tool, great price, great customer service!”

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