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How a pest control company streamlined their reporting and increased leads with BrightLocal

Pest Control Private Equity Holding Company
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Allison McLain, Marketing Assistant, PestCo Holdings
"BrightLocal has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency, allowing us to produce precise reports with utmost accuracy. This invaluable tool has empowered our team to reclaim numerous hours on a weekly basis, thereby affording us the opportunity to redirect our focus towards strategic deliberations, rather than the laborious task of data aggregation."
Allison McLain, Marketing Assistant, PestCo Holdings

PestCo Holdings is a group of pest control companies located throughout the United States. Responsible for the oversight and operational efficiency of five businesses, PestCo operates with the mission of providing excellent service to their customers spread across Illinois, Missouri, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and New Jersey. Catering to both residential homeowners and commercial businesses, PestCo offers a variety of customized, environmentally friendly pest control services through their brands Romney Pest Control, Pointe St. Louis, Pointe Chicago, and Green Pest Services


Hours of time-consuming research for little impact

With one team responsible for the marketing success of a growing number of locations, they quickly found an already tricky process getting trickier.

The task of staying on top of how various locations were ranking against their competitors, and understanding the blindspots in their strategy, was completely reliant on manual tracking across all of their locations—an unreliable and time-consuming process.

When PestCo Holding’s Chief Marketing Officer found himself struggling to see how the various Google Business Profiles (GBPs) across the organization were performing, he was directed toward BrightLocal as a solution. 

We have so many different locations that it’s impossible to have an accurate report of how these GBPs are performing, so BrightLocal has been a huge help so we can see what areas we’re touching and how we can improve our GBPs.” says Allison McLain, Marketing Assistant at PestCo Holdings.


Easily tracked rankings, comprehensive audits, accurate insights, and so much more

Before BrightLocal, PestCo lost hours to manual reporting that they couldn’t put complete faith in. Knowing that their own location and search history could affect their results always led to a sense of uncertainty in their reporting.

BrightLocal helps us save time and accurately report,” says Allison. “We can serve our customers better by giving them a better experience when they click on GBP.” 

BrightLocal, they found, was the solution with all the tools they needed to solve these issues. Local Search Grid, Local Rank Tracker, GBP Audit, Citation Tracker, and Local Search Audit helped to turn reporting into a seamless, trustworthy process.

My favorite thing about BrightLocal is that it gives me peace of mind that it’s accurate, and that I can make accurate steps moving forward because I have the right information,” says Allison. 

Allison McLain, Marketing Assistant, PestCo Holdings
“I know for some of our GBPs, we’ve probably increased our ranking from 21 to top 3. I would say probably most of them, actually, because we’ve been using BrightLocal for so long…”
Allison McLain, Marketing Assistant, PestCo Holdings

Increased traffic, updated strategies, and countless hours back

With accurate reporting, Allison and her team have been able to catch the blindspots in their marketing strategy and devote their time to simplifying and perfecting their marketing efforts. 

It’s helped us a ton. We’ve been able to not only save time on just figuring out how our GBPs are doing, but we’ve been able to increase the amount of leads we get on GBPs because of the way we’ve been able to optimize them.

Over the many years of using BrightLocal, the PestCo team has watched the impact the platform has had. Whether it’s finding out how they can improve one of their GBPs, using the data they get from BrightLocal to decide on a new location, or turning to BrightLocal Academy to brush up on their knowledge, PestCo have made BrightLocal an integral part of their marketing strategy.

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