How a Dental Digital Marketing Company saved $14,000 per year, and improved results using BrightLocal

  • Smile Savvy Savings

    saved per year on data aggregator citation building

  • 300 hours

    per quarter saved using automated, white-labeled reports

About Smile Savvy

Smile Savvy have been delivering online marketing services to dentists for nearly two decades, and pride themselves on having serviced 40% of pediatric dentists in the US. But their work doesn’t stop there: their expertise stretches to clients in seven other countries, too; an impressive example of their worldwide reach and huge ambition.

The agency’s 900+ clients receive a range of services that help with online marketing and visibility, including website design, local SEO, review building, and social media. As if all that wasn’t enough, Smile Savvy’s sister company,, provides a directory of pediatric dentists across the United States, making it easy for dentists to list their practices and for parents of kids with sore mouths to find help.

What’s the secret of Smile Savvy’s success? They really treat their clients like family, and bring a level of personal care that larger companies can’t provide. This means that they always assess their clients’ true needs and don’t try to sell any unnecessary services. That family atmosphere is exemplified in Smile Savvy’s staff, too: many of their employees have over a decade under their belts with the company, and staff turnover is about as low as it gets.
Geoffrey Taylor Smile Savvy
Without a doubt, one of the best choices we've made was to partner with BrightLocal. It continues to be the most reliable, indispensable tool in our SEO and reporting arsenal. They have provided all the tools we need in their customizable platform, while consistently working to make their services even more effective and valuable.
Geoffrey Taylor, Local Search Manager, Smile Savvy

The Challenge

With such a huge roster of clients, it’s understandable that manual SEO reporting would take a huge amount of time. Smile Savvy found themselves spending more time reporting on SEO issues rather than resolving them. Manual reporting can also be open to error, and Smile Savvy had difficulty curating data that met their high standards of accuracy and consistency.

When it came to the all-important task of building citations and business listings for the clients, Smile Savvy was using another well-known tool, that they were finding far too expensive and had noticed was “tripling in price over the years”.

The Solution

Moving to BrightLocal, Smile Savvy soon discovered how much time they could save by automating all their reporting, and now use Local Search Rank Checker to produce and white-label reports for every client.

Using Citation Builder, they get the dual benefit of widespread distribution of client data via data aggregators, and the pinpoint accuracy of manual citation building on key sites.

BrightLocal’s Google My Business Audit enables Smile Savvy to stay on top of all their clients’ GMB listings, monitor any changes in data, and see a full 18 months of GMB Insights.

The overview tab on the report acts as a helpful reminder of what information the agency needs to update when claiming their new client’s Google My Business profiles.

The Results

Instead of only being able to produce reports on a quarterly basis due to the time it took, with BrightLocal’s automated SEO reporting, Smile Savvy can now deliver monthly reports to their clients. This allows both agency and client to better understand and investigate changes in visibility, in a way that’s more accurate and consistent.

Smile Savvy estimate that they’re saving 300 hours per quarter using BrightLocal’s automated and white-labeled reports.

All that time saved also means that Smile Savvy’s team can really focus on that all-important personal service they’re so proud of, dealing with customer service issues, helping clients who need a lot of work, and building closer relationships.

On top of all this, Smile Savvy is now saving $14,000 per year on its data aggregator citation building, compared to the price they were paying for the previous platform.

  • Smile Savvy Savings

    saved per year on data aggregator citation building

  • 300 hours

    per quarter saved using automated, white-labeled reports

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