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How a dental Digital Marketing Agency generates more leads while saving $6,000 per year

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Loran Simon, Managing Director, Somnowell Marketing Ltd
"BrightLocal's detailed, white-label reports are fantastic, and the Agency Lead Generator widget saves us a lot of time, as we would normally have to manually generate and send these types of SEO reports ourselves. We’re saving around 30 mins per lead. That’s a saving of $500 per month on 25 leads."
Loran Simon, Managing Director, Somnowell Marketing Ltd

Somnowell Marketing’s story started with plenty of sleepless nights, literally.

After devising and distributing anti-snoring sleep apnea devices to dentists in 2014, the dental laboratory Somnowell soon realized there was a gap in the market for digital marketing for the dental industry.

In the few years since then, the UK-based Somnowell Marketing offshoot has grown to a team of thirty, delivering marketing services to over 100 clients, almost all of which are in the dental niche.


In need of a one-stop solution to citation building

Somnowell Marketing used to use another service for citations, but soon discovered issues with it, notably that it wasn’t particularly suited to their UK audience. They needed a one-stop solution for all their clients’ reporting and the previous tool just wasn’t cutting it.

In addition to this, Somnowell were looking for a way to generate more leads through their website, something that BrightLocal was actually in the process of developing!


Using Citation Builder to clean up their clients' citations

Using Citation Builder (BrightLocal’s citation service offering accurate citation building, manual citation clean-up, and local data aggregator distribution) was the first step Somnowell Marketing took to get their clients’ important citation profiles clean, accurate and effective.

More recently, the agency started using BrightLocal’s Agency Lead Generator widget to offer free Local Search Audits through their website. This has been a great way to generate quality leads automatically, and has led to significant client base growth and cost savings.


Saving nearly $500 per month

Since starting with BrightLocal, Somnowell Marketing have never looked back, and with good reason. Managing Director, Loran Simon says, “The white-label capabilities are fantastic and the detailed reports are very, very useful. They’re tangible reports that save us a lot of time and make things very transparent between our work and the clients’ expectations.”

Loran is equally impressed by the leads his agency has generated using BrightLocal. He says, “We love the Lead Generation widget and plan to promote the free audits we can offer via Facebook and YouTube ads. The tool saves us a lot of time, as we would normally have to manually generate and send these types of SEO reports ourselves.

“This saves us around 30 mins per lead. If we’re generating 25 leads of this type per month, then this equates to a saving of nearly $500 per month.”

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