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As well as being a regular contributor to Search Engine Land and the annual Moz Local Search Ranking Factors Study, Joy Hawkins (pictured far right) is a Google Top Contributor, one of just a handful of local SEO professionals considered qualified and experienced enough to help small businesses on the Google My Business forum.

About Sterling Sky

Founded in 2017, Sterling Sky is a local SEO agency based in Uxbridge, Ontario. It’s the product of over 11 years of experience held by owner and founder Joy Hawkins, a name well known to anyone on the local search scene, especially thanks to her regularly updated Expert’s Guide to Local SEO. Joy is often the first to report local algorithm updates to the local search industry. As a local search thought leader she’s even coined the names of recognizable local search algorithm updates like “Hawk”.

Sterling Sky specializes in helping small, local businesses and digital marketing agencies. This focus allows the agency to deliver quality SEO services in a highly customized manner. Starting with detailed audits and competitor analysis, Sterling Sky’s approach allows them to truly understand the local landscape of a business; something that larger agencies with a “cookie-cutter” approach often overlook.

The BrightLocal tools are truly awesome. My company uses them for all our clients and the ranking reports are constantly getting upgrades that really make the tools even more fabulous than they already are.
Joy Hawkins, Owner & Founder, Sterling Sky

The Challenge

Several years ago, Joy was using a different local SEO solution, but soon found quality issues with the platform. Looking for something that could capture all the ranking tracking data she was looking for, in a way that was easy to manage and deliver to clients, was a struggle. However, she soon came across the (then fairly new) BrightLocal platform and hasn’t looked back since.

The Solution

Over the years, BrightLocal has evolved its capabilities and added even more new tools that provide thousands of local SEOs with the information they need to deliver exceptional results to their clients, and Sterling Sky makes the most of these every day.

Joy finds the Local Rank Tracker “really easy to use” and the platform as a whole “visually appealing”. She loves that BrightLocal keeps adding new features, especially as the local search industry is constantly adapting to changes in search engine algorithms and searcher behaviour.

One particular feature that Joy loves is the ‘screenshots’ the BrightLocal platform takes of search results. She says this is “invaluable” and admits she couldn’t imagine where else to get this information.

When it comes to creating citations for her clients, Joy has used Citation Builder (BrightLocal’s citation service offering accurate citation building, manual citation clean-up, and local data aggregator distribution), which she says is very easy to use and helped save the hours she used to spend on completing these manually on a spreadsheet.

BrightLocal Tools Used

The Results

When she used to manually create ranking reports, Joy tells us it would take about 15 minutes per report. Today, with 40 reports run per working day, that would take her an incredible 200 hours per month! It’s clear this huge time saving has allowed Sterling Sky to focus on delivering fantastic results rather than just reporting them.

Joy has used BrightLocal in a variety of agencies and in her own work for over 7 years, and she’s happy to explain why:

“The BrightLocal tools are truly awesome. My company uses them for all our clients and the ranking reports are constantly getting upgrades that really make the tools even more fabulous than they already are.

“My favorite feature is that our package includes screenshots of the actual search results for each keyword that they scan. That way if there are any big variances we can see why.” – Joy Hawkins, Sterling Sky

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