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How a healthcare agency proactively ensures excellent reviews and rankings

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Alicia Hardy, Director of Digital Marketing, Vortala Digital
"BrightLocal’s rankings reports and roll-up reports have been huge time-savers for our team and have allowed us to better serve our clients. We can see at a glance which of our clients are ranking well and which ones need more attention."
Alicia Hardy, Director of Digital Marketing, Vortala Digital

Vortala provide digital marketing services to a variety of medical professionals across the dental and chiropractic sectors, as well as a wider range of healthcare businesses through their more boutique and customizable offering, Vortala Digital.

Since 2005, Vortala have been servicing clients in the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada (approximately 2,500 clients in total) with work covering the gamut of digital marketing services, from building websites and designing logos to encouraging new business via content marketing, local and organic SEO, PPC, and review monitoring.


Lack of local rank reporting and no review management solution

Vortala were using a non-local specific ranking reports tool, but even before Google took the data away from this service, they were very aware that the lack of local focus was an issue.

In addition to this, their service didn’t include review monitoring or reputation management, and as patient reviews are so important to the healthcare industry, they knew they were missing a trick to improve their service offering.


An affordable solution to local SEO reporting

Vortala started using BrightLocal in 2013, and in 2016 began to offer BrightLocal’s products as part of their premium package, currently covering over 500 clients. The local focus and affordable price means that they can truly deliver excellent local SEO results without having to spend time wading through the unnecessary and irrelevant data that more costly local SEO tools tend to provide.

A particular highlight has been that BrightLocal’s ‘roll-up’ ranking reports allow them to filter all of their premium clients to see who needs attention within minutes. They say this has allowed them to go from reactive to proactive and give attention to the clients who need it before their local SEO becomes a bigger issue.

Alicia Hardy, Director of Digital Marketing, Vortala Digital
"We’re so happy with the reporting that we’re now in the process of moving our citation creation to BrightLocal as well."
Alicia Hardy, Director of Digital Marketing, Vortala Digital

39 hours saved per month on client reporting

According to Alicia Hardy, Vortala’s Director of Digital Marketing, in the days before BrightLocal it would have taken them around 40 hours per month to assess their clients’ online marketing performance. Today, it takes them just one hour!

With BrightLocal’s review monitoring tool, Reputation Manager, Vortala are now able to offer monthly review reports to clients, bolstering their service offering and really adding value to their clients, who can now take action as soon as a review requiring attention comes in.

Overall, using BrightLocal has helped Vortala deliver results faster by allowing them to focus on the hard work that brings their clients new patients every day.

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How a full-service Digital Marketing Agency uses BrightLocal to effectively manage citations for 1,600 client locations