Building Citations

A key aspect of developing your local search engine optimization (SEO) skills is learning about the power of local citations. Putting this knowledge to work by getting stuck into building local citations, whether that's with a local citation service or by yourself, is the next part of the process. 

We’re going to be discussing the following key topics throughout this section to ensure you’re able to build citations with confidence and ease:

As you can see, there’s a lot to cover and potentially a number of new concepts to wrap your head around. However, once you’ve powered through this section, you’ll have the wisdom you need to start building your own local citations. 

It’s important to approach this process with a clear plan in mind and to keep track of your actions—both of which are steps that you’ll be familiar with by the end of this section. 

Hiring a Professional Service

Having worked your way through these guides, you may then decide that outsourcing your citation building is the most logical choice. This will naturally save you a lot of time and effort and can ensure the accuracy and consistency of your citations. 

If you’re going to leave it to listings management professionals, then you’ll still want to check out all of the information in this section. This will allow you to develop your knowledge on the topic and truly understand the value of this local SEO technique.