Introduction to Local Citations

Understanding what local citations are and how they impact local search engine optimization (SEO) is key to any professional local marketing strategy.

If you don’t know how they work and why they’re advantageous for SEO, then you’ll be unable to utilize their full potential. This is naturally important if you’re going to be able to use them in the most effective and appropriate way.

As you’ll discover in more detail throughout this introductory section, a local citation is essentially a mention of your business details online. This typically includes your business name, address, and phone number (NAP), as well as optional further details, such as your website, opening hours, and photos.

To help you completely get to grips with local citations, we’ll be discussing the following topics in this section:

Local Citations and your SEO Strategy

Upon completion of this section, you’ll have a working knowledge of local citations and you’ll know how and why to incorporate them into your SEO plans. You’ll understand that building these citations is a necessary initial process that will help the rest of your strategy flourish.

When you’re developing a local SEO strategy for your business or your client’s business, it’s critical that you lay the foundations before you progress to other key tactics. If you try to run before you can walk, then you could end up sabotaging your efforts and not getting the results you want from the time and resources that you’ve invested.