Local Rank Tracker

Level up your local rank tracking

Go beyond basic rank tracking

See the full picture of search performance with Local Pack, Organic, Map, and Mobile results all covered in a single dashboard.

View SERP screenshots for every keyword

Know exactly what customers see when they search and get complete confidence in your data.

Get the competitive edge

Local search is competitive, so you need to know your rivals inside and out. Monitor their rankings and see where you can overtake and pull ahead.

Zero fuss, clear, and convenient reporting

Say goodbye to the end-of-month scramble, with automated reports that land directly in your inbox at a time that suits you.

Awesome for agencies

Amaze your clients with white-label reports, complete with your agency logo and brand colours.

Spectacular at scale

Managing multiple locations or clients? Get the ultimate bird’s-eye view of local search performance with roll-up reports.

Local rank tracking that ticks all the right boxes


Get your checklist at the ready, because there’s plenty more packed into Local Rank Tracker…

  • SERP screenshots

    Every SERP is automatically snapped and saved so you can show complete confidence in your data.

  • Local keyword counts

    Sort keywords by search volume to see exactly where the biggest opportunities lie.

  • Keyword groups

    Group keywords around products, services, and themes to see which need attention.

  • Set your search location

    Simulate a search from anywhere. Perfect for service businesses that cover multiple areas.

  • White-labeled dashboards

    Not interested in Bing? No problem. Simply remove it, or any other search engine, from your reports.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

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"BrightLocal’s rankings reports and roll-up reports have been huge time-savers for our team.... we can see at a glance which of our clients are ranking well and which ones need more attention."
Alicia Hardy - Vortala Digital
Alicia Hardy
Vortala Digital
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"BrightLocal is one of the best internet marketing tools out there.... it is fast, accurate, and produces excellent reports."
Colan Nielsen - Sterling Sky
Colan Nielsen
Sterling Sky
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"Local Rank Tracker was instrumental in showing my clients how their local listings were performing... we have been able to increase our productivity substantially."
Casey Meraz - Juris Digital
Casey Meraz
Juris Digital
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Start tracking and improving local ranking performance today!