Andi Jarvis

on Wanting to Poke Bad Strategists in the Eye

In the first episode of the fresh season of ‘Adventures in Local Marketing‘, new host Claire Carlile picks the brain of Eximo Marketing’s Andi Jarvis.

We discuss what makes for an impactful local marketing strategy, what marketing clichés he’d stick in Room 404 forever, and what goes wrong when no one really understands strategy.

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Good Strategy Bad Strategy: The Difference and Why it Matters:

Mark Ritson:


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Andi Jarvis
Andi Jarvis

Andi is the Founder and Strategy Director of Eximo Marketing, a marketing strategy consultancy based in Belfast and Liverpool in the UK. Eximo Marketing primarily works with established manufacturers who want to grow their business via direct-to-consumer. He’s also a prolific and passionate speaker on all things digital marketing and strategy.