Colan Nielsen

Building Your Unique Local SEO Playbook

On this episode of Adventures in Local Marketing, we chatted with Colan Nielsen about how to build an effective, and importantly, unique local SEO playbook.

Colan is VP of Local Search at Sterling Sky, and we tapped into his 11+ years of experience to find out the best ways to develop your own playbook.

As you’ll learn, a playbook goes way beyond a simple checklist of actions to take. Your playbook should not only define how you go about local SEO, but also what steps you take to communicate with clients and uncover new tactics.

Listen to learn:

  • The big benefits of having a playbook
  • The pitfalls to avoid when using a playbook
  • How to use your playbook through the first year of working with a client
  • How to continue to expand and sharpen your playbook


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