Niki Mosier

Google-proofing your Page Experience

We’re only a few weeks away from the rollout of Google’s Page Experience update and, while we don’t yet know what impact it will have on rankings, it’s undoubtedly something that needs to be on the radar of every SEO. As this is arguably the biggest change to Google’s algorithm we’ve seen in recent years, we enlisted technical SEO virtuoso, Niki Mosier, to get her expert opinion on everything worth knowing about the update. Listen to learn:

  • What Core Web Vitals are and the role they play in this update
  • The benchmarks you need to hit to stay on the right side of the update
  • Which tools can help you detect issues on your site
  • Google’s motivation behind the update and what might come next


Want to check if your site is protected against the Page Experience update? These tools and resources (as recommended by Niki) will help you identify and resolve any Core Web Vitals issues:

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