Phill Agnew

on the 7 Consumer Psychology Principles Every Marketer Should Know

December is here and that means there’s only a handful of weeks left to squeeze in new knowledge before going at it again in 2022.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this episode of Adventures in Local Marketing. Listening to this 56-minute episode could be the best investment you make before the end of the year—all without spending a cent. That’s because we’ve been exploring the simple tricks that can immediately make your marketing more effective.

We’re going deep on the topic of consumer psychology, which is all about the biases that influence how we buy products and services. Its usage across marketing is vast, because after all marketing is all about influencing people’s behaviors—whether that’s encouraging someone to buy a product or simply to open an email.

In this episode, Phill Agnew, host of marketing science podcast, Nudge (which boasts over 150,000 downloads), explains the seven consumer psychology principles that will make your marketing more effective.

Warning: You should only listen to this episode if you’re confident you have the time and authority to put these tactics into action.

Listen to learn:

  • How a simple tactic made people 82% more likely to complete a loyalty card
  • How Steve Jobs used anchoring to send the crowd into a frenzy at the iPad launch event
  • How KFC sold more french fries by limiting the number that customers could buy
  • How negative social proof caused more people to steal fossilized ancient wood at a national park
  • How a 73-year-old marketing campaign changed the way we buy engagement rings, forever!

Quick note: we’ve included four consumer psychology examples in this blog post. See if you can spot them after listening!


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