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The Brand Review Index

A Comparative Analysis of Leading Brands' Google Review Ratings

Locations Analyzed
Review Scores Collected

There’s much to consider when managing or scaling your brand’s reputation. Especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of locations.

When your brand is in the big leagues, you might be forgiven for considering: do local reviews even matter? Well, the short answer, of course, is yes. In fact, 91% of consumers said the local reviews of multi-location brands impact their overall brand perception. 

So, what can we learn from the brands that are succeeding with their review management? 

The Brand Review Index examines the Google review ratings of 52 of the biggest players in US hospitality, leisure, and grocery retail. It features names we see and use every day. Each page analyzes the top brands to spot trends in their reputation management strategies.

Featuring brands you know and love

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The Brand Review Index researched three industries’ biggest US brands (by location size). It uses Google Business Profile (GBP) data in the fast food, grocery retail, and gym verticals.

For each brand, we’ve presented the nationwide average (mean) Google review rating and median Google review rating. The reason we have included both is that the ‘Avg. Google review rating’ column is essentially calculated by averaging an average (and therefore not the most mathematically accurate to present). Therefore, we also show the ‘Median Google review rating’, which takes the middle average review rating value for each brand.

It also shows the average number of reviews each brand has per location.

The tables on each Index show ‘locations analyzed’ as we cannot retrieve 100% accurate location data—we retrieved a minimum of 75%.

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