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Top UK Online Business Directories – Audience Comparison Figures 2009/10

Top UK Online Business Directories – Audience Comparison Figures 2009/10

Online business directories are an important and powerful marketing tool for local businesses. Whether you’re a builder, a hairdresser, a dentist or a driving instructor you can attract new customers and grow your business using online directories.

Most directories offer free directory listings as well as a paid-for listing service that enables you to boost your business to the top of your category within the location(s) you serve.

There are hundreds of large and small UK
business directories
, so as a local business owner how do you know which ones are the best and which is right for you business?

This chart shows the average monthly user numbers for the leading directories in the UK in 2009/2010. This data is taken from a trusted 3rd party source and cross-reference with Google Ad Planner to verify that the numbers are accurate.

UK business directories – Average monthly users

This chart shows the change in monthly user numbers for the leading UK business directories in 2009/2010.

UK business directories – comparison of audience

Due to the reporting inconsistencies of online tracking systems (it really isn’t an exact science) these user numbers may differ from the each directory’s internal reporting system. This data is best used as a guide for comparing the audience size of different directories to determine which has the greatest reach of your local audience.

For a detailed look at each directory, see our page on the Top UK Business Directories.

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