Welcome to the Expert Local Business Link Building Survey

Over the last few years, we’ve seen lots of questions from businesses around local link building, and SEO professionals who wanted to prove to customers the importance of links in local rankings. We could never find a resource that we felt answered all of these questions – so we set out to make one!

We reached out to twenty of the biggest experts in the local search industry to uncover their experiences and opinions on the impact of local business link building and businesses’ search visibility.
Our expert panel shares their thoughts on topics including:

  • The effectiveness of local link building in 2018
  • What a successful local business link building strategy looks like
  • The most powerful types of links
  • Link building for single-location vs multi-location businesses
  • Which outreach processes are most effective

The experts answered 13 survey questions which we have aggregated to provide collective answers and charts – combined with their insights on link building in the local SEO industry. The full list of contributors is available to see in the report.
A huge thank you to the twenty SEO experts for sharing their brilliant local link building insights. If you have any ideas and suggestions on link building for local businesses, please comment below


Q1. Is link building a task you prioritize for your local business clients?
Q2. How effective is link building for boosting local businesses’ search rankings?
Q3. What is the biggest problem or misconception about the value of links to local SEO?
Q4. Are links more or less important now to local business search rankings than 12 months ago?
Q5. Will acquiring links become easier or more difficult this year?
Q6. How many local links should local businesses aim to acquire, as a minimum, each month?
Q7. Is link building for multi-location businesses easier or harder than for single-location businesses?
Q8. Which are the most valuable link sources for boosting search rankings for local businesses?
Q9. How valuable are the following link traits to boosting local businesses’ search rankings?
Q10. How valuable are the following in link anchor text?
Q11. How valuable are the following strategies when building new backlinks to local business sites?
Q12. Which link building outreach processes do you find most effective?
Q13. In your opinion and experience, what does a successful local business link building strategy look like?