The Top Free Local SEO Tools – Updated 2021

The Top Free Local SEO Tools – Updated 2021

You’ve got your optimization checklist to complete, either for your own local business or on behalf of your client, and you’re now wondering;

“What are the best free Local SEO tools and browser extensions that will help do the manual work for me?”

We all love a freebie, but when it comes to the complex and multi-location world of Local SEO, the tool still has to be top-notch, so that you can sit back and trust that it’s doing the job you want it to.

In this reactive industry, you also want free local SEO tools that can give you a quick and accurate answer as soon as you’ve thought of the question. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the top free local SEO tools and Chrome browser extensions in the industry so that you know where to turn.

Top Free Listings Management Tools for Local SEOs


Postamatic, from the immensely talented Noah Learner over at Denver, Colorado-based agency Two Octobers, allows you to easily create and publish Google My Business (GMB) Posts, and Q&As through the GMB API. This is perfect if you’re managing multiple locations (and languages!) and struggling to keep all their GMBs update. No technical know-how needed: just fire up Google Sheets and you’re ready to go!


Local Listings Health Scannera

One of BrightLocal’s free local SEO tools that would be crazy to leave off this list is the Local Listings Health Scanner, which scans the most important business listings sites for your business and gives it a health score based on any incorrect or inconsistent data and any major omissions. It’s a great place to start if you’re looking to build a case for local citations work for a current or prospective local business client.

Local Listings Health Scanner

PlePer Local SEO Tools Chrome Extension

PlePer’s Chrome extension features a wide array of features that allow you to dive deep into your competitors’ Google My Business listings, including shortcuts from the listing to Knowledge Panel (and back again), quick links to speed and mobile-friendly tests, and more. You can even see the GMB categories of any listing in Google Maps and analyze further based on the results. A true no-brainer for any local SEO looking to save time with their GMB competitor research.

PlePer Chrome Extension

Negative Review Removal

Negative Review Removal by AI and software company Objection Co was created to enable users to check the legitimacy of online reviews. Simply copy and paste the review in question into the free tool and you’ll receive a score generated by Objection Co’s algorithm, telling you how likely it is that the review will qualify for removal. According to Founder Curtis Boyd, the tool uses NLP data and AI/ML frameworks such as NLTK and BERT to identify illegitimate content.

Objection Co Review Analyzer

Google ID and Link Generator

BrightLocal’s Google ID & Link Generator allows you to easily find Google IDs and links for any local business that has a physical address. Get all the Google search, Google Maps, and Google My Business review links you need, instantly.

Google Link & ID Generator

GMBspy Chrome Extension

GMBspy for Google Chrome focuses on unearthing and providing data about competitors’ Google My Business categories. The easy-to-use extension provides this data clearly, no matter where you are in Google Maps or Google Search. Want to investigate further? Use the ‘copy to clipboard’ function and contrast and compare categories across multiple competitors.


GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension

Another handy Chrome extension to spy on the competition, GMB Everywhere Chrome now includes a look at their Google posting strategies. With it you’ll be able to see your competitors’ GMB posting timeline, analyze the content of their posts, and undertake live audits thanks to it’s super-quick data-pull window.

Gmb Everywhere

Top Free Rank Tracking Tools for Local SEOs

SERPTrends for Chrome

SEO Extension SERPTrends for Google Chrome is a lightweight SEO tool that shows dynamics for the search results within the search page: whether the website moved up, down in the SERP, just appeared (is “new”) or hasn’t changed its position. It also shows how many positions the website lost or raised compared to search you performed the previous day.



Local RankFlux

BrightLocal’s own Local RankFlux is the only ranking fluctuation monitoring tool for local search. We track daily ranking movements across 14,000+ keywords to measure volatility and identify suspected algorithm updates. Get daily, weekly or urgent-only alerts so that you’re not left in the lurch the next time a Google algorithm update impacts local rankings.

Local RankFlux Screenshot


GS Location Changer Firefox Add-On and Chrome Extension

The GS Location Changer, available for Firefox and Chrome, does one thing and does it well: it changes your location in Google Search so you can emulate the experience from that location, allowing you to see local search results, localised advertising, and more.

GS Location Changer

MobileMoxie SERPerator: Google Mobile Rank Checker

Available for free use three times a month, MobileMoxie’s SERPerator lets you understand the messy world of mobile rankings, even allowing you to select the handset you want to emulate! You can check mobile rankings from a specific address, too, rather than the broader city, state or zipcode, allowing you to get really granular with your results. It’s also “the only SEO tool that lets you go back in time to see what real SERPs looked like, so you can answer questions about historical mobile search rankings”. If you love using it, we’d thoroughly recommend upgrading to the paid version, too.

MobileMoxie SERPerator


Become a Local SEO Superstar

Top Free On-site SEO Tools for Local SEOs


Identify key issues that affect your business’ website and rankings with Siteliner. The free service allows up to 250 page searches per month, identifying duplicate content, broken links, and page power. You simply add the URL for the page you want to check and Siteliner does all the hard work for you.


Microdata Generator

Help Google understand the purpose of your web pages by adding structured data coding. Generate Schema code with ease using Google’s preferred Schema markup; JSON-LD. Simply fill in the table and Microdata Generator will build the code for you to copy and paste on your website.

Microdata Generator

Da Vinci Tools Extension for Chrome

Da Vinci Tools for Chrome brings together a whole host of incredibly useful tools that make Google Analytics easier  to understand at a glance and more powerful to use. Bring a layer of colour to GA reports to gets insights quicker with a heat map on tables, highlight high and low points in overview graphs, and more.

Da Vinci Tools

Top Free Keyword Research Tools for Local SEOs

Answer the Public

If you’re finding yourself stuck for content and research ideas, Answer the Public is where you want to be. Add your keyword and the tool will list all the questions customers have asked search engines such as Google and Bing, so that you can tailor your content around what your customers want to know. And there you have it, all the content ideas you need, grouped by query type, ready for you to increase traffic to your website.

Ask the Public


‘People Also Ask’ is an important part of any SERP, and with AlsoAsked, you can easily map out what’s ranking for what questions, and which key search terms they’re associated with, to see how topics are linked to together. You can use the attractive tree image for an overview or, in the paid version, export to CSV for further analysis. This all works to give you a whole host of great keyword ideas for your local content. It’s free for up to 10 searches per month.


Other Top Free Tools for Local SEOs


Local-Pack-O-Meter is a brilliant free tool from Local SEO Guide that uses SERP data from Traject to show how the makeup of SERPs are changing over time. It does this by tracking the appearance of features like People Also Ask, News, Ads and, of course, the Local Pack. This isn’t just a great tool for Local SEOs, but for anyone who is looking to understand a potential drop in rankings, or for SEO opportunities presented by features gaining visibility.

Local Pack-o-meter


If you’re looking for a simple way to find a ZIP code, USPS allows you to search by street address, city, or state. You can also search using a ZIP code to find out which cities it covers. This tool comes in handy when analyzing how well businesses are ranking in particular neighborhoods, as these ZIP codes can be used in tools like BrightLocal’s Local Search Results Checker to view localized search results.

USPS ZIP Code Finder


Search for local sponsorship opportunities at scale with Zipsprout. You can automate city or topic-specific searches, save time by favoriting certain locations, and let Zipsprout’s matchmakers take care of the outreach. Perfect for local businesses that haven’t got the team or time to send hundreds of emails.


Are there any we’ve missed?

If you have any additional suggestions to share with the community, feel free to add them in the comments below!

Need a more complete set of tools?

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